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Abraham Maslow introduced his concept of hierarchy of needs in 1943 and it remains relevant till to date. This theory helps us understand human motivation, personal development and management training. The hierarchies of needs displayed by a pyramid shows that people are motivated to fulfill their most basic needs before moving on to other basic needs. This paper will identify and describe each one Maslow's Hierarch of Needs and describe how they relate to me.

Psychological needs

These are those needs required in sustaining life and for survival. These needs include sleep, nourishment, water and air. These needs have to be met for proper functioning of the body before one can feel higher needs. This means that all other needs are secondary before these are met.

I need these needs in order to survive.

Safety needs

After the psychological needs are met, then can we shift to safety and security needs for survival and be free from emotional harm although not demanding like psychological needs. Such security needs include desire for employment, health insurance, shelter from harsh environments and safe neighborhoods.

To feel secure I need these needs especially after am done with education but for now shelter and health insurance are important to me.

Social needs

Higher level needs become important once the above two needs have been met. These are those needs that are related to interaction with others and include needs for belonging, give and receive love and need for friends.

I want to feel loved from my family and my friends here at school.

Esteem needs

When the first three needs have been met, the need to feel important will arise. Here we have either internal or external self-esteem. Internal esteem are those needs related to self esteem like achievement and respect while external self esteem needs are those that include social status and recognition.  Esteem needs are self-respect, reputation, recognition, attention and achievement.

In school, I’d like respect and be recognized from my fellow classmates; I also crave for attention and want to be the best in my class.

Self-actualization needs

This is the highest of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. According to Maslow, this is the quest to reach one’s full potential. He asserts that unlike other lower needs, this need is never fully satisfied as there are other new opportunities to continue growing. These needs include truth, meaning, justice and wisdom. According to Maslow, self actualizing people are self aware and are more concerned with personal growth and less concerned with others opinions. 

I crave foe wisdom, I’d like the truth especially when am falsely accused for something that am innocent about and want justice for the same. 

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