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Discussion meetings are known to be very important in the society since most of them promote knowledge and acts as a basis for social interaction whether in school, companies or organizations, social groups and many more places. That is why people are always encouraged that, whenever they happen to attend any other kind of briefings and meetings they should go there with a set and open mind ready to listen to which ever the speaker or member will have to put a cross. However some speakers tend to be boring during such briefings and meetings while some seems to be very interesting. These kinds of speakers determine the number and level of concentration of the audiences.

However, some might decide to be attentive by writing down some notes even if the speaker is boring and some might decide to do other stuff like daydreaming about what they should be doing during that moment or after the meeting while others daydream about a given holiday to come in the near future of his life or even others might resolve into sleeping during the proceedings of the meeting.

            Furthermore, such kinds of meetings might find someone unexpectedly being asked some questions or told to contribute something especially those member or students who might be found being not attentive to the meeting lecturer or discussions. With being caught unaware, such a person will always pretend to jolt back to full awareness that he/she was in a meeting and such kind of behavior tends to annoy the speaker and the attending panel. This kind of behavior has been known to be a normal thing that normally happens in the society or schools but as a person, you should come up with some ways to enable you in avoiding such kinds of behaviors during such briefings and meetings.

Things to consider while attending briefings and meetings

            Some of the few things you should do as an attendant of the meeting or a student is to be focusing on giving a good impression by enabling your mind to stop wandering from here and there.  This is to avoid some embarrassment during that meeting because most people, who attend them and tend to be serious, will be observing the kind of behavior you display as an attendant or student and at the end of the day they will be making some judgments about you as a person.

That is why it is normally recommended that you as person you should set a goal by demonstrating your words and action through having a positive attitude which should display some characteristics of interest towards the speaker or lecture. To achieve this, the person listening to the speaker should sit up, have focus towards the speaker, put a smile on the face and accept some contributions from others by acknowledging them through nodding the head. Through this kind of action, then it will display that as a person or student, you are being attentive towards the speaker or lecturer in question.

            Writing notes is another very important aspects during the briefings and meeting because it enables you to remember whatever the lecturer or speaker had said or has been saying and if need arises, and you are asked as a person to contribute or ask question, then one is at liberty to ask or even contribute towards the discussion. This act of writing engages one’s brains hence preventing such a person from sleeping during such briefings and meetings. Some people might mistake note-taking in the meeting to be copying directly from whatever that is being presented or whatever that is being talked of, note-taking is all about writing some important notes that tend to interest you and can be of benefit, an action point for you as a person to perform, an idea that is sparked by something said in the meeting and finally a point to make or question to ask when the speaker in question is through with passing his/her points or lecturer across.

            Contributions towards the discussion or asking questions can make one not to sleep during the meeting. This is because it is a sign of activeness in the meeting. For those people or students who have got the phobia of talking in front of students or people should gain courage within the first 10 minutes in saying or asking something. This will instill some confidence in such as person later if he/she is aspiring to speak again or another question.

            Incase your mind starts wandering, it is up to you as a listener to take the responsibility of trying to re-focus. Some of the causes that may make the mind wonder are shifting your attention towards taking lunch, or shifting the attention towards the plans for the weekend or something else bothering you as a person. Whenever such signs tend to happen, then you should try to shift the attention towards the person speaking as you pick up important points in your head.

            Asking yourself whether it was your duty to be in such a meeting before, could help you know the purpose of you attending such a meeting thus attracting your concentration towards the speaker. It is normally advisable not as a person not to waste your time and the money of the institution in such sittings if you know very well that you wont be attentive towards such meetings. If it is a must you attend and you don’t feel like, then it is advisable to ask for permission from either the boss or if it is in the school situation, asking your teacher and being sincere will be very important. All this will prevent you as a person or student from sleeping in such briefings and meetings hence ending up learning something important.

            Even though some of the briefings and meetings especially the educational ones, it is highly recommended that, in such meetings, it is very important if one carries some water. This will especially help the person to keep some attention to it when need of sleeping arises.

            In a class set up, students can improve their concentration through several ways. Taking beverages such as coffee can be used as a one way of dealing with drowsiness since coffee is known to be a very effective stimulant that keeps people awake.

            Sitting in front during briefings and meetings and even lectures can be very helpful in attracting your attention towards the speaker thus keeping you awake.

            However, through relaxation of your muscles by briefly stretching yourself as a student or person before the beginning of a meeting or lecture, has shown to be very effective in improving a person’s concentration especially the mind by making the person to feel relieved and relaxed.

            Furthermore, if it is possible, taking a nap during the day before the beginning of a lecture can be very helpful to a student who may not have had enough sleep during the night as it is going to reduce the depth of the sleep thus improving the student’s concentration during the lecture time.

            As the saying goes by, “a full stomach makes one a fool”, it is highly recommended that while attending a meeting or a lecture, you go while slightly hungry but is also advisable to take health healthy breakfast since according to most researches that have taken place, they have always recommended that it better to avoid other meals but one should not avoid breakfast. However, good breakfast is better of since it involves some snack taking rather than eating during the day so heavily hence leading to constraints in digestion which in turn will cause you to sleep.

            Mobile phones are known to be most destructive object especially in those places where concentration is highly needed. Therefore, it is recommended that as a student, you should turn off your mobile phones while attending lecture or other special occasions such as briefings and meetings that demand for the same. As a way of being courteous to your fellow students or members in the lecture room or conference room, switching off your mobile phone will also serve to enable their full concentration towards the topic in question without any form of destruction.

            Short breaks are very important when it comes to relaxation of your body and mind. This will boost your concentration during the lecture time. To achieve, incase as a class you feel that you are tired and you need some short break, then it is advisable to raise your hand and request the lecturer for a short break of which I believe it will be offered since no lecturer will be willing to teach in a class where there is no concentration at all from students.

Role of group discussions in briefings and meetings

            Why should one take discussions very seriously during the briefings and meetings or in class lectures? Such kind of class lectures, briefings and meetings provides either the audience or a student some basics of learning, understanding and some knowledge. Through conversation, then one is able to develop some skills in social learning whereby interactions and engagements with others do occur.  In most cases when something is being discussed among the groups, one is in a position to internalize and integrate that kind of information into his/her own personal opinion.

            Interestingly, most managers or professors have the knowledge that much learning can be accomplished through holding some briefings and meetings in the halls or conferences. This is because inside such halls or conferences, people in attendance are able to receive some knowledge and learn more and while outside the meeting, the attendee are able to come together and discuss whatever they heard and make their own judgments and understanding about what had been given inside the room.

            Group discussions play a great role in developing an individual’s personality through the act of interacting with the other people from a diverse background. By doing so, one is able to understand the other person’s culture and the ways of behaviors.

            Much interaction through the discussion either through the groups or meetings can develop a person both psychologically and socially thus improving his/her general performance. This is made possible due to the fact that different people have different opinions and also comes from different types of cultures or societies which can help in improving the performance of the fellow group members.

            Group discussions play a great role in the development of the confidence in a person through the sharing of ideas in front of a large group of people. This by far makes a person to become an extrovert and open minded.

            Group discussions helps in the group members to understand difficult concept with ease since there free sharing of information without fear of favor in the simplest way possible that a person can be made to understand a given concept. 

            Group discussions has also proven to be very effective in encouraging innovations and creativity since through the art of sharing ideas, different opinions are brought together which finally end up being a good idea or product.

Qualities of a good public speaker

            What role do the attendees play in briefings and discussions? With the large audience and attention from the member in the meeting or lecture room, will motive or encourage the speaker or the lecturer to continue talking about his/her topic in a positive manner. This can also enable the speaker or lecturer to expound more on the topic if the attendee happens to ask questions that were not involved in hi/her topic. In this way, it would have encouraged some dialogue to take place between the speaker and the audience. Incase the topic in question happens to pause a challenge to the speaker after being asked a question from one of the attendee and one of the audience member happens to know what is being asked, it will bring about some knowledge sharing between the speaker, the person who asked the question and the audience member who happens to answer the question.

With this form of interactions, issues such as audience members sleeping during such briefings and meetings will have been avoided. All this depends with the way the speaker interacts with the audience members. A good speaker should posses several elements that will make him /her be very effective and interesting in delivering the message. Some of those elements are such as being humorous to the audience which is brought about by creating jokes in the middle of the topic. This attracts the attention of the audience and at times, some jokes being cracked in the middle of the topic acts as a reminder to the audience. This is because when a member happens to remember your topic, then it means that, that member can remember the point that made the speaker create the joke.

            Being a good story teller during the meetings is very effective in keeping the audience attentive since it brings you out as a real person when you are tells stories based on your personal life experience.

            Maximum utilization of the public speaking environment serves as a way of winning attention from the audience as they will keep on following your movement on the stage thus creating some confidence in you as a person as the meeting continues. Also at the same time, as you are moving, it is very important to make use of your body language as you are moving on the stage.

            A great public speaker should be able to recover from mistakes done in such a way that the audience will not notice them at all as it will make you appear of a human being. 

            Speaking to the audiences’ interests is also very important in winning the attention of the audiences since you will be telling them exactly what they are prepared to hear. Not only the interests, but it is also necessary to use the language that is very well understood by your audience for ease of communication.

            The other elements from a good speaker which will keep the audience awake are such as asking rhetorical questions, maintaining good eye contact, being provocative in a positive way, being challenging, being able to change the pace of delivering the message and also the ability to change the volume of their voice.

            With the lack of the above elements in a speaker, it then means that the meeting will be very boring. Talking about boredom in the meeting means the given topic by the speaker will make the audience sleep thus becoming very irrelevant to them since there is no message gotten and you as a person since no message passed across. It will look like wastage of time to yourself and the audiences.

            Talking of sleeping during briefings and meetings, one should understand that this is a common issue that normally happens to anyone and it never tells when it knocks. It is a common thing in everybody’s life ever since the creation and a bigger percentage spend almost a third of their life sleeping even though lifestyle and the environmental factors tend to change all the sleeping patterns. It is one thing that makes a person’s healthy better, strong and keeps going such as preventing the heart attacks and strokes which are known to occur very early in the morning and it can also worsen the blood pressure and cholesterols of a person who lacks sleep.   Apart from heart attacks and strokes, sleep also prevents a person from getting cancer and it normally affects those who perform their work till the late hours and this can cause cancer through the exposure of light at night.  Sleep reduces stress in such a way that when a person is asleep, most body activities are not taking place thus reducing some health complications.

A part from the health complications, one needs to note that having enough sleep also reduces the aging in a person because tissues are replenished during sleep. People who know they have got tight schedules should have enough sleep so as to boost the alertness and memory because after sleep, one wakes up feeling ever refreshed an energized. Weight and sleep are also related in such a way that sleeping less than 7 hours is more likely to cause obese in those people. However, a two hour sleeps during the daytime more so after lunch is very important to some in that it makes an individual smarter due to its refreshing nature. Sufficient sleep has also been found to be very effective in reducing the risk of suffering from depression. Nevertheless, as much as people can deny themselves food and water until they die, one cannot deny him/herself sleep because it is something that cannot be controlled. Most people have tried doing it due to the modern way of living whereby one has to work for so many hours in order for him/her to reach the target of the common living due to economic constraints, but they have been unable to accomplish the mission of them not sleeping.

            Some of this people tend to believe on some myths that a person who sacrifices to sleep for one hour rest or less per night will not affect his/her daytime schedule but they tend to forget that as much as they try to avoid to sleep during their daytime functioning, the fact remains that lack of sufficient sleep will always affect the person’s thinking and responding abilities hence ending up affecting their health, energy balance and a compromised immune system.

            Another myth that people tend to believe in is that, the human body has the ability to adjust to different sleep schedules by going against their biological clock but only by a suitable timed cues. However, the fact remains that it is difficult to switch to the night activities.

            The other myth that people tend to believe is that excessive sleep during the night has the potential of coming up with the solutions of their problems that were encountered during the day. Nevertheless, the fact remains that quality matters more than the quantity.

            The final myth is that most of the people who work over night throughout the week tend to believe that they can compensate for the lost sleep over the weekends. However, as much as the sleeping pattern will be compensated some of the lost sleep, the fact remains that as much as you try to apply the myth, you cannot compensate for the lost sleep. Furthermore, it might end up bringing more complications especially in your biological clock pattern whereby it might become difficult to go to sleep at the right moment for instance on Sunday nights and get up early on the following day which is Monday.

The sleep cycle

            Sleep is known to be divided in into two main types which is REM which involves itself with Rapid Eye Movement while NREM which stands for Non-rapid Eye Movement has got its own four stages of sleep whereby a person is capable of having a deeper sleep than the previous one. REM at times is referred to as “dreams sleep” even though at times dreams can occur at any stage of the cycle of the sleep.

            Like life development in a person which undergoes through different stages, sleep also come in different distinct cycles and stages which are meant to bring back and refresh the body and mind. In most cases, it is said that Non-REM (NREM) is said to consist the first four stages of sleep while the REM consist of the last stage of sleep. Some of the stages of sleep are such as, the beginning of sleep cycle of which a person sleeps for quite sometime. In this stage, a person is said to be partly asleep and partly awake and it can be approximated to last for about five to ten minutes. However, such people who undergo such a stage of sleep always tend to believe or deny that they weren’t asleep when woken up.

            The second stage of sleep is said to take approximately 20 minutes of sleep. At this stage the brain produces sleep spindles which are characteristics of rhythmic brain wave activity. In this stage, another characteristic that can be observed is the body temperature where it can be seen to decrease as well as the heart rate.

            Third stage is characterized by the emergence of the delta waves which has deep, slow brain waves. At this stage, both light stage and very deep stage are involved.

            Issues such as bed-wetting and sleepwalking have high chances of occurring in the fourth stage of sleeping which is also referred to as delta sleep. This normally happens due to the presence of slow brain waves. This kind of sleep is known to last for at least 30 minutes.

            Stage five of sleep which is also referred to as rapid eye movement sleep is the stage in which dreaming occurs most. The stage has some characteristics such as increased eye movement, the respiration rate is increased and there is also a marked increase in the activity of the brain. Paradoxical is a term that is also used to refer to this stage of sleep due to the fact that the brain and other body parts are active while the muscles are relaxed.

            Lack of enough sleep can bring some consequences in ones health life. Some of those consequences can be classified in two ways which are the short and long term consequences. When talking about the short-term consequences, this normally leads to a person not reasoning very well due to fatigue hence making him/her to make wrong judgment about a given issue, the mood such as short temperedness or even lack of concentration is also affected, learning and retaining given information and finally can also lead to accidents and injuries. All this effects can affect a person who is intended to attend a given function, classroom and even a meeting.

            In long term consequences, some of the effects that can affect a person due to lack of enough sleep is the chronic disease, deprivation which at times can attract some diseases in ones body such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and earlier mortality. That is why, nowadays studies about the health issues have shown that sleep and diseases are also associated and that is why people who lack enough sleep are always prone to a number of diseases and some health complications as a result of a compromised of an immune system.

            Apart from the above mentioned diseases, sleep can also bring about some disorders such as an insomnia which is brought about by failure to fall asleep. Another disorder is the too much sleep during the day which is associated with some fatigue. This kind of disorder can be referred to as narcolepsy. Sleep apnea is another disorder whereby one is disturbed from his/her sleep as a result of gasping or snorting noises or one happens to have an abrupt breathing problem. However the day after a night of the abnormal or poor sleep is what causes the sleepy day especially in the briefings and meetings and even in the work places or even in schools.

            However, with this in mind, with no criteria meant for sleep, a person is normally advised to have at least an 8 hour sleep or more even though it might be looked upon by someone else to be too much sleep for other individuals. In this way, one is able to relax and re-energize him/herself so as to keep fit. However, when one slumbers during the time of meetings and briefings, then that person is likely to encounter some yelling, detentions or even the loss of job. It is because of this reasons that it is recommendable especially for those ones who have got some weaknesses of sleeping during the day to at least come up with some ways of avoiding falling asleep during those meetings and briefings especially when the speaker during the briefings has a very boring speech that tends to sway you as a person asleep.

            Nevertheless, some of the ways in which a person can do to avoid sleeping in such briefings and meeting is to learn on how to concentrate even if the meeting seems to be boring. By concentration it means that a person should pay his full attention to what is being said in the meeting without allowing any distraction or obstruction to occur from the surrounding. This can be achieved through learning on how to improve on your concentration skills. For instance, concentration in a meeting is influence by several factors such as the persons interest to listen to the speaker even if the speakers seems to be interesting or boring, the needs to understand the message being passed on by the speaker and be in a position to respond to any question that maybe put across, the need to give in or contribute some views or ask some question if given a chance by the speaker and many more other factors.

In order for one to achieve this idea of concentration both in the briefings and meetings or any other place, then there is need to improve your concentration skills through, the way of strengthen your concentration by trying to put your mind into practice by holding some important things in mind for about 5 to 10 minutes without allowing any destruction from the surrounding and this should be done twice a day. The important things in mind which are meant to be simpler should be able to enable the person to imagine and visualize them such as reflecting on a daily routine event. 

            However, another way of improving your concentration in briefings and meetings is keeping your mind empty before you attend the meeting. This is because saturated minds will not allow the concentration needed in those briefings and meetings.

            Before any briefings and meetings, a person is normally given the breakdown of the meetings. It is very important for one to clarify the objectives of such meetings so as to avoid some confusion during the meeting. If the topic seems to be hard to understand, it is then advisable for one to do some consultations with the fellow colleagues to achieve the goals of the meetings.

            Visualizing for practice especially when it comes to some views or questions that you intend to raise or contribute during the meeting because that will help in avoiding to raise or ask some irrelevant things. This kind visualization of what to ask is likely to encourage once concentration throughout the meeting.

            During the briefings and the meeting, one is supposed to pay attention fully by doing one thing at a time because this will improve your concentration skills. Performing lots of task at the same time during the meeting is likely to interfere with your concentration thus making important information pass by you. Try to focus your mind on the important information that is being given by the speaker by noting them down. 

            When attending a meeting, it is important when going there you be prepared psychologically to listen to the speaker. This will give you some motivations to paying attention to the theme of the meeting hence gaining the knowledge needed.

            If you are the kind of a person or student who always sleep in during the lectures, briefings and meetings, and you have tried to overcome the problem and yet it is not yielding the needed fruits by you, then is very important as a person to re-evaluate yourself by looking at a number of factors that might be bringing you sleep during the meetings. Some of the factors to be looked upon to determine your problem are such as cultural factors which also tend to affect the quality of sleep of a person due to some cultural practices such as use of herbal medicine in some cultural societies which have an effect on the sleep that a person gets.

            Lifestyle and habits also has an effect on sleep quality in that some practices that people involve themselves in, such as working at night affects the quality of sleep that a person gets.

            Frequencies of involvement of physical activity and exercises are directly related to the quality of sleep that a person gets in that more of this translates to good quality of sleep.

            The kind and type of diet that a person feeds on plays a role in determining whether a person is going to sleep whereby some diets such as small amounts of proteins in snacks before getting to bed are requirement for patients suffering from insomnia. Beverages such as alcohol, coffee has an adverse effect in the quality of sleep that a person gets.

            Environmental factors also play a great role in determining the quality of sleep a person is going to get in that, a person in a new environment is most likely to get poor quality sleep or sleeping in a room full of coldness can also affect the quality of sleep that person is likely to get.

            Stress is also another factor that has an inverse relationship with the sleep whereby, a person experiencing stress is unable to get the right amount of sleep he/she deserves. In relations to this, various medical conditions also have the same effects such that of stress.

            In conclusion, most lectures, meetings and briefings do require a sober mind when attending them. Lack of the sober mind means some irrelevance in attending then and just a waste of time and resources. As much as the speaker of the days will seem to be boring, it is the responsibilities of the student motivates or give encouragement to him/her when attending such lectures, meetings and briefings. Discussions should be taken very seriously and important notes noted down. It is also highly recommended that before attending any lecture, briefings and meetings, one should have enough sleep to able him be attentive during that session. Sleep is very important factor in ones life and it needs to be adhered to. However, one needs to know that there are a number of factors that tend to affect the quality of sleep of a person. Those factors should be looked upon and be avoided if necessary.

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