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Speech - running for VP of membership

Where are we standing at as business fraternity? Are we making positive strides towards our goals? These questions have been in my mind, not just for the sake, but for a purpose for which I am standing here before you. As I look at you from where I am standing, I see brothers who have the spirit of brotherhood entrenched in their fabric. I can also see out togetherness in achieving our common goals that make us, but one family. However, the realization of our dream and the future of our fraternity rest on a vice president of membership who understands his brothers, someone willing to tie to the loose ends, tighten the loose bolts and bring all on board this ship of success. With conviction in my heart, I stand before as a brother seeking you support for the post of the vice president of membership. As I look ahead into the future, I am positive of being a vice president of membership who will take our community into a prosperous future by in cooperating your input and dedication towards our goals.

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My decision to run for the post of the vice presidency of membership is strengthened by the experiences I have acquired while working with each one of you. As a brother, I have always treasured you enthusiasm of putting you skills and resources into our fraternity. As a result of this, I look forward into being a vice president of membership who can consolidate all efforts within the fraternity by working with brothers who have faith in achieving our goals. Given these efforts, I am convinced that our fraternity will be able to recruit new members resulting in more vigor and zeal. As I seek you approval for this post, I commit myself to continued progress that will ensure that our fraternity not only recruits around the year, but it does recruit the best member we can have. Despite the little time we have for recruitment, I am convinced that we can make our recruiting events a success once I become the vice president of membership.

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Given that I have worked with you in the past, give me the honor of serving you in the new position. With my experience as a partner who has worked with you in the past, I am well aware the success lies in our midst, for we are the best when it comes to pulling together toward our purpose. With such potential in us, I am dream of being a vice president of membership who will be able to exploit all opportunities that will inform each and every step we take in making significant decisions regarding our recruitment events. Upon my election, I will be satisfied to put into operation my organization skills for the purpose of directing our efforts into making sure that our fraternity engages in successful recruitment campaigns. The effect of this success will translate into renewed vigor and commitment that will also guide our fraternity into the future we have envisioned. My goal of being a vice president of membership compels me to seek your support in electing me into the office.

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Beside my involvement with the entire family of brothers in the fraternity, I am keen on working around the clock while executing different roles that are critical to our success. Once elected, I promise not to tire up but roll up my sleeves and press on any challenge that my come my way. For instance, I will coordinate all brothers and alumni members into promoting our recruitment programs. In addition, I will see that we have it we need to make our events successful. Rooms reservations, proper communication, rush clinics and proper reporting are some of the strategies that I will implement in order to ensure that our fraternity works like a well-oiled machine.

In conclusion, I believe we have come far and, there is much to be achieved. Despite the dream, of making our fraternity a family of choice, think of a leader who can make it happen. With enthusiasm and preparation, I look forward to being elected you vice president of membership. As a leader who understands what it takes to recruit and retain our members, I am excited to put my skills and experience into making our goals a reality. Together, let make it happen this time.

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