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The report released by US National Safety Council pointed out that in every year about 1.6 million lives are lost due to use of cell phone. Statistics have shown that 1.4 million of them are because of talking on phone while driving and the rest of accidents are the result of texting while driving (Kendrick, 2013). I wonder how many of us are alarmed by worrying life loss that comes with texting while driving. The main aim is to urge you to employ cell phone guideline to avert this ogre of road carnage.

First and foremost, let us see how the reduced use of cell phones on the roads could save the world millions of lives every year. Since cell phones are largely used by drivers, its contribution to the auto accidents is significance. The department of transport in the U.S indicted that there are three types of distractions that are likely to happen while driving. These are moving of hands from the wheel, distracting attention looking for something else, and mind engaging in other things while driving. Due to the immense number of reported cases concerning distraction, various laws have been imposed, bringing the total number of bills to deal with the issue up to two hundred dollars. Texting has been the major reason of accidents caused by distraction. This is mainly because many people are obsessed with it. In 2010 a total of about 173 billion of these texts were sent. It is distractive process to text while driving as it consists of writing and reading the messages, writing the e-mails or dialing the numbers. Studies have shown that the use of phone is more risky than eating or applying makeup as it involves a long span of time (Falk, 2013). Texting is more dangerous process especially for unexperienced drivers. However, all other driver are under the threat as well. In 2008 You Tube showed videos of people driving and texting at the same time. When the phones first came into the market everybody considered them as a great invention, which would simplify their life.But the consequences that come with its usage while on the road has a far more negative effect.

It is evident that safety measures should be put in place to avert this havoc. With regard to this, many nations are going to ban the use of phones or other electrnic devices while driving. These laws vary from state to state. Some have tailor made laws to accommodate teens while others apply to all. While driving there are certain notions which should be kept in mind. Driving process requires the absolute attention. text and read the text only when you have parked your car. Another way is to ssk someone else to text or read on your behalf (Gordon, 2011). Everyone should be responsible for the actions he or she performs and think ahead about the consequances besides strict measures should be introduced to reduce and prevent the catastrophes.

In conclusion, everyone who is the road user and in particular the drivers must avoid by all means use of phone while driving. It is proved that the coordination is impaired by the phone calls and talking on the phone may result into fatal accidents or disability.Moreover, sometimes it takes a long time to recover psychologically from the loss of a beloved one.The government also need to set up and impose heavy penulties for the offenders of this rule. Again traffic police should be on high alert to arrest and monitor road users especially drivers to ensure that the law is enforced. More lives will be saved taking the precaution of not using our phones while driving.

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