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The dependent variables are the direct outcomes of hazing which has forced researchers to find whether this practice is morally acceptable. The practices that victims are forced to go through are degrading morally. By the fact that something is acceptable by many doesn’t automatically mean that it’s morally acceptable. People have lost their lives because of what they were subjected to as a way of joining a given club or group.

On the hand the impacts of such actions like revealing individual nudity as a way of joining a group damages the image of the society therefore such factors are independent variables. The research design that has been employed is the one that minimizes cost while maximizing the information collected. The information has been critically analyzed to determine its validity.

The stress and disgusting things that people go through in the name of orientation is not morally acceptable. Lives have been lost, self image of individuals has been greatly destroyed. Maybe if the activity was restricted to bonding there would be no issues but by the fact that actions are humiliating and destructive it does not reflect any moral uprightness. Young people are supposed to be engaged in productive healthy activities and not what hazing stands for.

This trend can only be destroyed if the physicians are able to identify injuries and physical damages that result from such an activity. Ones evidence has been found it will be easy to convict the abusers. Stringent laws and restrictions are essential for eradication of this practice from fraternities and sororities. There are other better ways that might be used to encourage bonding within a team as well as introducing new people.

Psychological and sexual abuse is very tragic and it’s something that one cannot willingly decide to go through. Burning and deaths are not good stories to be told therefore it’s important for the respective administrators of the affected organization to look for ways of eradicating this vile from their organizations (Huggins, Haritos-Fatouros and Zimbardo 2002).

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