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The worst in the Congolese people was brought to manifestation because of the behavior of the Europeans. The demoralizing effect as well as greed birthed the worst in the natives of Congo. The Europeans practically ripped off the land of its treasures. The natives lost their ivory to the Europeans. Besides the great loss which was encountered by the natives of Congo; the whites practically treated them worse than slaves bearing in mind that slaves were very expensive in America. The slaves who were being sold in America were at least fed and kept in good condition in order to attract buyers but the natives were left to starve to death by their colonizers. They would not take care of those who become sick therefore they were usually left to die. Most of the people who served the Europeans withdrew to exclusive places in order to die slowly. Despite the harsh treatment which they received the truth remained that these people were not criminals neither enemies but they were still treated inhumanly (Conrad 27).

Racism took its lead because all this abuse was as a result of their color which was looked at as a black shadow of starvation and disease. The natives were left to lie in a confused state as green bloom. They were fed on foods which they did not know and as a result they grew thinner and became sick most of the times. In spite the fact that the native people were referred to as cannibals the most distinctive aspect was that they had moral standards of very high levels than most of the Europeans who had turned out to be raiders. The Europeans plundered Congo and its wealth in terms of natural resources. Despite all the abuse the native people never stooped low to the extent of threatening the pilgrims in spite of their condition.

The Europeans usually handed three pieces of a wire that was made of brass to the natives on a weekly basis in exchange for their provisions in the villages which were along the river. This salary was not beneficial to the natives because they had very few options (Berezowski par.6). The Europeans came with modern technology and progress which did not merge with the live the natives were used to and as a result they applied god-like powers over them. All the agendas of the colonist were hid under ideas which were very lofty for instance progress and expansion and as a result the Europeans committed crimes which cannot be uttered. The coming of Marlow creates much hope for the natives who were greatly discouraged for instance Marlow views one of the natives as his equal. Such a change of outlook was very beneficial to the natives (Goonetilleke 58).

Power was used as a psychological tool over the natives with the objective of making them submissive to the Europeans. The Europeans made the native do that which was beneficial to them by exercising power. In the novel heart of darkness Kurtz had immense power over the natives and the jungle. He was purposely sent to take the treasures of Congo and its resources by force through employment of such strategies. There many people who were sent to the jungle who never returned and for this case Kurtz was obsessed with the lands ivory. Despite his greed for this precious commodity another important thing which made him stay long than expected in the jungle or Congo was the power which he had over the natives. Because of the inner fear Kurtz opted to make allies with the local and wisely made his environment to get used to him.

This inhumane act is evidently portrayed by the skulls of men who had crossed his path. The heads of murdered natives surrounded his hunt with an intention of warning any other native who will think of going against his desires. Even on his death bed Kurtz commanded respect which he presumably thought was entitled to him. This man influenced the natives negatively; they were obliged to follow every instruction that proceeded from his mouth. For instance at his command the natives went out and attacked other foreigners who had been sent to rescue him and that is the reason Marlow and his crews succumb to death after being attacked by the natives. The Europeans greatly manipulated the natives and Kurtz accomplished this by preying on the insecurities of the natives who were less intelligent (Conrad 74).

The natives suffered greatly at the hands of the Europeans. They were made to work extremely hard with unreasonable pay and those who did not follow the given orders were murdered. Most of the natives a long the Congo River died because of starvation and harsh treatment. The European raised themselves to a position of god that had to be respected and adored by the natives. Besides that Congo and its region was ripped off of its treasures and natural resources by the people whom they had thought would transform their livelihoods. Many African countries experienced the same things which were experienced by the natives of Congo. 

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