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Racism is among the themes that have been critically analyzed in Conrad’s novel. The novel clearly expressed the turmoil of Africans under the hands of greedy Europeans who were also out to colonize them besides utilization of the African resources. Conrad used Africa as a best example to contrast the civilization of the Europeans. The treatment which the natives received in the hands of the Europeans clearly contrasts the reasonability and civilized mind which they ought to have because of their advancement. In the novel it’s evident that the African and European interaction was mainly on the basis or racism. This is the trend that was employed by the Europeans in whatever African country which they visited. The impacts of racism on the Congolese were not lighter. It affected their day to day life in almost all aspects because they could not do things the way they wanted or the way they were used to (Schraeder 140).

In presence of issues like racism the lives of the natives were impacted negatively to a great extend. On the other hand the main point to put across is that civilization is merely a superficial thing because one’s it’s isolated from the moral and physical environments its impacts are neutralized and as a result people tend to go back to their old self. It’s reasonable for someone to think that these people who were sent on an altruistic purpose might have lost something useful on their journey and that was the reason for their transformation into exploiters and slave holders. In the novel we see an old native who is seriously beaten by the predecessor of Marlow who was considered by many as a quiet creature on allegations that he sold hens. Such incidence makes one to wander of what happened to the man who was sent on a noble purpose of civilizing the uncivilized.

This is the reason why the land was characterized by great demoralization. The Europeans treated the natives very harshly and as a result their mind was psychologically and physiologically affected. Kurtz was initially meant to portray the great things and plans which the Europeans had for Africa especially the Congolese. Kurtz was the focus point for the revelation of humanity quest and that is the reason why he was out to build his beacon station on a hill though he failed to realize the isolation and loneliness which accompanies such success. Kurtz who was supposed to be a prototype of the ideas of the European greatly failed. His main objective was to create light in a continent that was dark but he rather allowed temptations to rule his life maybe as a result of leaving his native country (Schraeder 140).

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