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In making strategic decisions, one needs to be conscious of time. This is because a decision not made at the right time is equivalent to an opportunity lost. In making decisions, one should aim at reducing the risk of making unhealthy decisions while at the same time acknowledging that making a wrong decision does not imply failure. In making strategic decisions, there will always be mistakes. It is better to make some few poor decisions and live with their consequences rather than live to regret missing exciting opportunities.

One should also be open to other people’s opinions and ideas in making strategic decisions. Other people’s input is of paramount importance as no one is perfect. Therefore, other people’s input is supposed to ensure that we arrive at the best decisions. However, not everybody should be involved in decision making. Only the relevant parties should be involved in decision making. Furthermore, one should know that that people are different and therefore there is bound to be bias in opinions. Instead of avoiding bias, one should recognize and encourage bias as this will always result to the best decisions being made. There should be a critical analysis of all the facts brought in by different people in terms of pros and cons of making a certain decision before the actual decision is arrived at (Kelley and Thibaut 25).

In making strategic decisions, one should avoid being risk averse. We should not be afraid of taking risks. Risks are there to be taken and not to be avoided. One should not avoid making a certain decision simply because it seems risky or because he shares a different opinion from his juniors. Any refusal to make a certain decision should be based on critically examined reasons. Furthermore, one should avoid imposing his/her thoughts to the people concerned. Any decision made should be based on consensus.

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