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Throughout my life, I have come to learn that one can not accomplish much without the knowledge of finance. Many people usually have to struggle so much in order to make ends meet just because they do not have information on how to manage their finances. They have failed to realize that life is all about risk and taking advantage of risky situations at the right time. There is a very thin difference among the movers and shakers of the global economy and the most poor of the world. The knowledge of finance makes all the difference that there has to be.  I have come to realize that it is also very easy for a rich person to become bankrupt for being ignorant in the field of finance. If ones take uncalculated risk for example the decision is likely to bring him down in a matter of seconds.

My interest in the field of finance started way back in my high school days when I read the book by the name rich dad poor dad. The author argued that the greatest asset one can acquire is the knowledge of finance. He further argued that people who have knowledge in the field of finance have their money work for them instead of them working for money. The ones who are ignorant in financial matters work for money as a substitute of having money work for them. Subsequently there was the fact that I had come from a relatively poor family; my father being a teacher, and my mother being a house wife. Therefore my parents saw no choice apart from encouraging us to work hard and acquire what they were not privileged to acquire. My father specifically insisted that he wanted us to head some of the biggest corporations. He wanted us to be the economy movers. Due to our situation, we used to learn and work at the same time. It is during the time that I noticed how much value was placed in the finance department. This people were responsible for appraising all the company’s projects and recommending to the board on the best projects to be undertaken. It is for this reason that I decided that I wanted to work in the finance field.

The need to become a financial analyst has made meet to choose causes that are related to the field of finance. In my undergraduate studies, I studied finance as my major. This was in the hope that I would be able to enroll for the certified financial analyst’s exam. This would enable me to eventually become a certified financial analyst. I believe my interest in the field of finance coupled with my strong academic background will enable me to be successful in this field.

Being a certified financial analyst presents a lot of opportunities to a person. As stated earlier, the movers and the shakers of the world economies are financial analysts. The stock exchange is run by financial analysts. Theses people are some of the best paid in the world. This has made me to choose the field of financial analysts as my field of study. As a financial analyst, one can work as a financial controller, financial advisor, financial analyst or consultant, a financial planner or an investment advisor. My goal is to work as an investment advisor. It would fascinate me to advise big organizations and individuals on the best investment alternatives. It would be encouraging to hear big companies and individuals congratulate me for my valuable advice on investment opportunities. Of course this would also be accompanied by high financial returns. Being a certified financial analyst is my highly cherished goal. I will pursue it until I achieve it hope to become one of the best investment advisors in the world. Thank you.

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