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Heart of darkness is a novel which narrates the misery of the central African people after being visited by the Europeans. Therefore by using this novel a critical analysis of the impacts of the Europeans on the African Congo natives as well as their natural resources will be done. Besides that the book also narrates a story of a certain man’s journey which turned out to be very symbolic into his personal inner being. The novel basically gives a detailed story of Marlow; a seaman who is sent to Congo River via a boat with an objective of relieving Kurtz.

The man whom Marlow is sent to relieve is a successful ivory trader who works for the government of Belgium. This paper seeks to analyze the inhumane deeds that were done to the natives of Congo by the Europeans through activities like colonization, abuse and racism.

Before the two men met, Marlow had a great admiration for his friends because of his reputation and writings on African continent civilization. The experience which Marlow acquires in Congo forms his basis of the dislike which he develops because of the dehumanizing aftermath of colonization.

Marlow is greatly disappointed when he realizes that the man whom he greatly admired and respected has transformed into a vicious and power hungry vanquisher of the natives of Congo. Because of the underlying circumstances and condition of the natives Marlow is left with no other option but to confront Kurtz’s ill behavior as well as his own elements which might make him succumb to his friend’s ill behavior. Some of the themes that have been used in the novel which greatly demonstrates the impacts of the Europeans on the natives include greed, psychological regression, destruction and a tough African environment (McCracken 813).

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