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Poets rely on poems as a means of conveying their feelings and sentiments. In this way, they reflect how they feel about the world around them. In the poem the poet says, “A Maid whom there were none to praise, / And very few to love” (Wordsworth 2002). Here, the author throws light on the loneliness and melancholy of the protagonist Lucy who is beautiful and yet no one is there to praise to encourage her. Parker in her own way highlights how she is not satisfied with what she gets from her admirer when she wishes, “Why is it no one ever sent me yet, / One perfect limousine, do you suppose?”(2003). The lyric heroine tells how the conventional pleasure of love and romance does not appeal to her, and she wants to have material comfort and monetary praise as well but alas that is not the reality. On the other hand, the poetess Audre Lorde portrays the typical teenage dilemma in her poetry; the fears, the dreams, self-realization and aloofness, when she sheds light on that part of life to which nearly every teenager can relate to at some level.

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For instance, the typical insecurities about appearances during our salad days appear before the reader’s eyes when she claims, “I am fourteen / And my skin has betrayed me” (Lorde n.d.). Furthermore, Brooks depicts the struggle of black youth in early days and how they created false images to console themselves in the face of hardships, pretending to be strong while the reality was complete opposite as shown by “We Sing Sin / We real cool. / We Left School” (Brooks 2003). Lastly, Komunyakaa’s use of stone memorial to express his emotions in a new and allusive way, show the gravity of thought to which he tries to reach when he stresses, “My black face fade / hiding inside the black granite” (Komunyakaa n.d.).

Thus, all the poets do reveal what they feel or have experienced at one point in time by using descriptions, symbols and their imagination. What is important, they tell us more than they intend to by leaving the final interpretation on the mercy of reader’s response; therefore, each person after reading gets own meaning about all the poems.

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