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These two poems “Mother to Son” and “I, Too, Sing America” was written by the same poet named Langston Hughes. These poems showed the two theories of the poet. In the poem “Mother to Son” the poet described a mother’s conversation with her son i.e. about her life experiences, in a dramatic monologue, but on the other hand, in the poem “I, Too, Sing America” is an inspiring poem. The poet tries to explain the condition of a Black American. He elaborated that the black Americans has no equal right to stand aside with a white American. The two poems define the two sides of the poet’s thinking for a same reason i.e. promotion of Black Americans.

When we open the wordings of the poem “Mother to Son” we see that, how a mother is defining her life’s experiences to her son. The poet denominates her life experiences are not like crystal stairs. The metaphor of the crystal stairs defines about the mother’s dreams that she once held but no longer expected to place them in her life. It also represents the mother’s spiritual quest to the way to her mercy. The poem is about a mother’s way, which she passes to that day of her life, that it is not easy to survive in this cruel world. In the mid passage of the poem mother of the boy describes the hurdles, tacks and splinters of her life, she was no wonder to have them all that in the night she have no blanket for her safety, or no carpet on the floor, walking millions of miles but she would not stop, she always fight with her life to seek a good day. She always wanted to become a good civilian, a good mother and a good person. She never gave up. She makes it clear to her son that despite the life has so many obstacles, always play, and don’t stop while thinking of losing. Life will never be the same, sometimes you lose, but a day comes when you will win the race of the life. There will be time come when you feel the darkness everywhere; you might not see your lovely ones. You may find physical and spiritual darkness around you; you’ll find yourself alone on a way, where you even can’t see the path. But you don’t have to loose hope; walk and walk until you find your way to the light, and then you see that you love ones are waiting for you there.

In the final plot, after describing the hardship of the life, mother advised her son for keep going in the life, despite retard or stopping your wishes or turning back from where you are. Worked harder to get your goal, you don’t have to think about giving up, like I did not give up. Life for me has never been so easy, so as for you, but my dear one you should obey the path of mine. You are the only one that can defeat his problems. This poem advises all the Black Americans for not stopping in their lives. They all should deal with the obstacles and hurdles in their way to the life.

As in the poem “Mother to Son” mother advised her Son (a Black American) for not stopping in his life. In the poem “I, too, Sing America” is also a thought of poet for slavery and how black peoples are treated badly in America. As we can see in the verses of poem “But I laugh, and eat well, and grow strong” defines that they should not only stronger by physic but they have to make themselves strong by their metal levels, they do not take the slavery as personal, they have to think for their future. They should always take their future not granted, but serious. Color doesn’t mean anything as the America is united, so no matter what is the color tone of a person, we all are called Americans. The differences are made by the peoples not by the country. Our country is always called by the name of United States of America that always means that we all are united in America. But when we see the white Americans they treat us like they are having pity on us. We don’t have to be ashamed; we don’t want to feel underestimated. Because a day will come when they see that we are like them, we are also human being and Americans. They will give back us our rights.

In both the poems we seem that the Black Americans are promoted for getting out from the distinguished thought made by the White Americans. We have to follow the way of the mother and feel the gentleness of the slave. Like mother never stop in the way of her life, she struggled more and more until she had make her goal, like the slave who had a thinking, that he is a brother though he is black, but have same righteous, same positioning and a part of the society. He never stops thinking about his future, that one day will come when he will also be treated like an American, a truly and completely American.

Moreover when we find the contrast in between the poems, we see the characters, which are changed, the storyboard is change. But the moral is the same.

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