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This is an essay on the response to,”Why I wrote the Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Gilman had earlier been dosed with rest cure after suffering a nervous breakdown. The story came out in 1892 and the original intention of Gilman was to gain personal satisfaction from the idea that Dr. Mitchell might change his treatment after reading the story. After the story was said to drive people crazy, she responded by stating that it was to save people from being driven crazy, and that it worked. The essay will give my opinion on the reason as to why she wrote it.

The essay will also consider if the “Yellow Wallpaper” was inspiring and determine the positivity of her criticism. It will conclusively give my opinion on her analysis to her short story.

Although Gilman says her primary intention was to change Dr. Mitchell’s treatment (Gilbert, 1998), it is quite evident from the story that it was more of an expression of her feelings, emotionsand fears inher lonely life far from her child, her husband, and the job she loved most and the restrictions to her endeavors.

The yellow paper was inspiring to women of that early age as it was relevant in that they did not have absolute freedom to choice and did not enjoy equality. However, the yellow paper is rarely applicable in the modern times when there is freedom and equality for all. In fact it is quoted that Dr. Mitchell had admitted to altering the treatment for neurasthenia upon reading the story .Although he did not acknowledge the story, he admitted the facts. Consequently, a woman known to Gilman is quoted to have followed the Gilman’s way and got healed (Lavender, 1999). And hence her criticism was positive to that extent although much of the story is an illusion and not applicable today. In my conclusion to her analysis, the story saved the crazy in that the specialist altered the treatment for the better and the sick woman who was inspired by the story, got healed. Hence I approve of her story and its accomplishment.

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