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In United States, around 14 children are killed every day by the use of the guns. This gives a very good conclusion that there are scores of people who are dying due to the use of guns. The gun control in some extent advocates that there are ways in which the gun violence can be reduced. This includes pushing for the restriction on the buying of the bullets. Gun control cannot be reduced by rehabilitation of the criminals but it can be controlled by putting tough measures on the ways of getting those guns. The use of the gun has been found to claim many deaths; there is evidenced by the number of gunshots the Highland Hospital in Oakland California treated in 1987 and 1988. This cost amounted to around 10.5 million dollars. This resulted to use of half amount of the blood that was donated to cater for these victims blood needs. The higher the number of people has the guns the more the violence in the society. There are more deaths that occur due to many people being in the position of the guns. If a person having a gun becomes angered by anything, he simply withdraws his gun and he may end up shooting anyone on the sight. There has been this incidence that usually occurs due to improper use of the guns, it leads to lose of lives of many innocent people. One such incidence that occurred was in a high school where a boy shot and killed several of his colleagues in the high school. Another incidence happened in April 20th 1999 when two young teenagers went into their school in Columbine Colorado where they shot and killed 12 of their colleagues.

Gun control is of great significance even today mainly because many people are dying and suffering from bullet injuries. Although there is some element of individual protection, there is more harm than good that the gun is bringing to the society. Therefore there is need to put across the strict measures on gun control. Allowing the use and ownership of the gun is like giving the people permission to kill or even encourage homicide. Homicide itself is a sin that should not be allowed, this is mainly through the use of the guns. There are many deaths that are senseless that occur due to the use of firearms, they usually occur due to improper use of the guns by some people. Gun control laws cannot lead to overwhelming effect that may occur due to the regulations or laws put in place. There is likely hood that, if the gun control laws are put in place, then the violence related to the use of guns is likely to reduce. In most places, there are underlying economic, socio-cultural and psychological emotional cases related to the guns. These gun cases are too complex and even too deep to be assumed, therefore there is need for putting across tough or strict control of gun ownership. There has been a law that a person should not be allowed to carry a gun that is loaded especially in areas that there are minors (John, 2000).

The gun control has a direct relationship with the number of gun deaths that occur in the countries from time to time. The tougher the gun laws, the reduced the number of deaths among the society. If these gun control measures are adopted, then the number of gun violence cases would reduce drastically. There is need to control people and the things they use mainly like the guns, this is because if they are left to control themselves, then more evil is likely to result in the society. There is need for better education and strict measures on the use of the gun and further more even stricter gun control laws are necessary. There is need to put tough measure on the ownership of the gun, permitting the ownership of a gun should not be such an easy task and should involve tough analysis of the person being given the gun.  There is also need to give enough education to the person on the proper use and handling of the gun. Laws regarding the use of the gun should be made aware to the people, this helps in reducing the dangers associated with improper use of the guns. In case one uses the gun improperly, then there is need to take it away from that person and retain it within the appropriate custody (Robert, 2001).

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