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The monopoly law was adopted after more than ten years of waiting. This law was meant to bring China into the modern business world. This business world is the world of competition and antitrust law. The china’s anti-monopoly law has four essential aspects. These sections are meant to prompt some agreements unless they are among the exempted agreements. Secondly they are supposed to dormant market that abuses their position. Thus there will be a chance of the determining the time that a dominant market is necessary. One of the major objectives of this law was to create a merger review scheme that will be broad and finally it was meant to prevent the misuse of government administrative powers. There was a part which was reserved for creating penalties for those who will not comply with the set rules. A part from that a sector for differentiation between enforcement that were legitimate and those that were not was set.

There are many parts of the merger review thresholds that still remain incomplete. Basically the Chinese law looks neutral though there are some many aspects of Chinese characteristics which were preserved and for this reason the international community has a keen eye on some of these aspects. Some of the aspects of this law that has got the attention of the international community include the enforcement of the relative foreign multinational treatment as well as the domestic industry. Therefore this paper will basically take a look of the distinctive features in the Chinese law as well as there implications on the companies operating with China. The question which this paper seeks to answer is the potential effectiveness of the china’s antimonopoly law. The necessary information will obtained through a number of methods which will be listed under the methodology.

The methods that will be employed in carrying out this research are found in this section. Basically focus on literature review because that is where most of the information will be obtained from. Other methods which are of great importance when it comes to data collection include surveys, questioners, and interviews among others. The other aspect which forms part of the methodology is the importance of the dissertation and its possible limitations

Aims/Objectives of this dissertation

This dissertation is aimed at finding the potential effectiveness of the china’s anti-monopoly law. Other important aspects which will be seriously dealt with in this paper include;

  • Critical analysis of the limitations of the Chinese anti-monopoly law
  • A comparison and contradiction of the Chinese anti monopoly law with the existing competition law of the United States and Europe.

The significance of the dissertation

This dissertation will enable the concerned parties to get a clear picture of the China’s anti-monopoly law. Through it the business world will be able to know the impacts of the law on the progression of there business. It will provide an opportunity for further analysis on knew aspects that need urgent amendments. The comparison of the china’s law with that of the US and Europe will enable observes to rate the three laws accordingly. Through this research the international community will be able to find out about the unique considerations of the Chinese government when it comes to business as well as relationship with other countries.

Research statement

In order for the above objectives to be met there is need for critical analysis of the research statement and a few other concepts that will enable us to fully discuss the subject in question. The main research statement for these paper is; critical analysis of the potential effectiveness of the Chinese anti-monopoly law. The other statements which are important for completion of this research include;

  • Critical analysis of the limitations of the Chinese anti-monopoly law
  • A comparison and contradiction of the Chinese anti monopoly law with the existing competition law of the United States and Europe.

Research Limitation

This research paper solely focuses on literature review which like any other method of data collection has both advantages and disadvantages. Literature review is bound to have some biasness in data collection and in order for the limitations to be overcome it’s important for a wide range of sources to be consulted. This does not completely eliminate biasness but it only reduces it. According to some authors research design is something that must be done with a lot of care because the objectives of a research paper are well achieved by employing a methodology which is well structured. When the appropriate structure is being designed one needs to bear in mind the relevance of the objectives of the research as well as the procedures which are economical. A structure that is well designed with the objective of proper and effective data collection is essential for quality information. Therefore this dissertation will consult credible sources to ensure validity and high standard of the paper. Relevant information from books and journal will be reviewed for conclusive analysis.

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