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Migrant workers are also referred to as individuals who move from their countries to other countries in search of employment opportunities. According to the International Organization for Migration, labor migration is generally defined as a “cross-border movement for purposes of employment in search for employment in a foreign country.” However, it is important to note that there is no universally accepted definition for labor migration since this group offers labor just like the original citizens of a given country. It is this point that sparks off the real interest in the migrant workers…should they be viewed as mere foreigners who are not entitled to any rights or should they be included within the legal framework of the citizens of their country of migration? Perhaps the most fundamental question is just how many people should migrate to the United States?

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In January 1979, the Chinese Vice President Deng Xiaoping visited Washington and met with President Jimmy Carter. In one of their sessions, President Carter criticized China for making strict rules on Emigrants. In response to this accusation, Xiaoping responded by asking President Carter how many Chinese people he wanted. Probably the best way to unravel the myths around migrants is by tracing the history of migrants and the legal and socio political changes that have evolved to accommodate them in the USA since time immemorial and the efforts undertaken by the government to curb this issue.

The most striking feature in American politics is how the government has struggled to control the ongoing and continuous immigration into its territories.

The best example is the Immigration Act of 1924 that was intended to restrict migrants from Southern and Eastern Europe. These included groups like the Jews, Italians and Slavs who had began infiltrating the American boarders in the 1890s. The most striking reality is that this rule was also applied to the refugees who were fleeing the Nazi extremists and the effects of World War II.

America has however benefitted from the immigrants a great deal because they have provided labor that has for a long time kept its economy in its feet. This benefit came with its disadvantage though. People changed their perspective of going to America to an excuse of going there to seek opportunity and living the American dream. Most people went there to live a life of comfort that could be realized through exploitation of the vast riches of the American continent. However as time went by the government introduced modalities of allowing immigrants within its territories, for instance through the famous green card lottery that has allowed many people to get to the USA.

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But the question demanded in this essay is about the changes the migrant workers have faced and the social security issues and myths that plague their existence.

The most outstanding fact is that most migrants do jobs that Americans do not want. This is a challenging problem since the increase in immigrants doesn’t seem to affect the employment levels in America. 4 Among the benefits enjoyed by migrant workers include the fact that USA has signed bilateral agreements with various countries concerning the benefits migrants from those countries stand to enjoy. USA concluded an agreement with Mexico which provides most of America’s migrants with exportability of pensions but the report hasn’t been ratified by the Congress. Among the benefits the migrants will earn include the Medicare benefit which will be given as pension to everyone who contributes for 40 quarters to the public pension system during his/her career.

These contributors are the only ones who are entitled to a social security number. In addition to this factor, the US government is planning to introduce a temporary work permit for the Mexican migrants. This would allow American companies to hire workers across the border for a given period of time.

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Some of the myths surrounding the migrant debate are that the migrants take away jobs from the Americans. As stated in this essay most migrants resort to do jobs that Americans do not usually do. The other myth is that immigration is at its peak and that most immigrants get into the American soil illegally, this cannot be true since the highest numbers of immigrants went to America between 1800-1900. This is the time when most people went to America to pursue the American dream. Thirdly, it is claimed that today’s immigrants have developed cold feet when it comes to integrating with American culture. This is so contradictory since American society is infiltrated by at least every community in the world. Integration cannot be a problem to people who have already learnt to stay with each other for a long time. It can’t be a problem especially if you want to be integrated to a society whose population spreads from all over the world.

The fourth myth talks about the futility of protecting American borders in a bid to stop immigration. This in my view is a waste of resources and manpower because America is so large. If the government eases it policy on providing visas for all workers to the tune of satisfying its economic demands, then there wouldn’t be anybody sneaking up on our borders. The last myth is that immigration reform cannot happen in an election year; to me this is a matter of fact that varies from one person to the other. Most bills about immigration have been passed during the election year. This dates back to the Refugee Act of 1980, the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, the Immigration Act of 1990 and the 1996 Illegal Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. All these were election years and the made a lasting difference to the migrants and the nation at large. All these factors reflect the truths and myths that revolve around the immigrant in America.

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