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From the scenario created by the question it can be deduced that a lot of issues have been raised as seen afore, but in dealing with the question only relevant issues will be highlighted.

Thus on ISSUE 3 it was clearly stated that Billy had acquired Greenacre in fee simple absolute and proposes to convey said property to Kyle with a right of reverter, and the conveyance proposed would be a fee simple defeasible with conditions.

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Fee simple absolute ordinarily is the most ordinarily is the most complete ownership interest that applies in real property, and can only be limited by the deed.

Fee simple defeasible on the other hand occurs when a grantor places a condition on a fee simple estate that upon the happening of a specific event the estate may be void or subject to annulment.

Common law has frowned on the use of defeasible estate as it interferes with the owners’ rights, and complicates ownership and title.

Fee simple defeasible also interferes with the enjoyment of property and as such had made the creating of a valid future interest difficult. Some jurisdictions in the United States, example Kentucky abolished fee simple defeasible and possibility of reverter by statute in 1960. (See Kentucky revised statuted 381.218 2006.)

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Kyle should be mindful of the fact that this form of conveyance will restrict his full enjoyment and that tapping of the resources of Greenacre. Effort should be made by him to persuade Billy to grant fee simple absolute, but in the event he wants to still establish his business on said property, the agreed terms and conditions should be put in deed form to avoid conflict. It is pertinent to note also that modern courts will find a fee simple subject to condition subsequent (instead of a fee simple determinable) in situations where the conveying document language is unclear.

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On the fourth issue a customer of United Nutrition Association is complaining of lack of health benefits that she expects from originally grown produce, and had laid a complaint with the federal government with the threat of a lawsuit.

Kyle should be mindful of the fact that if his business sells goods and services, situations will arise where customers unsatisfied with some aspects of the transaction will be dealt with, meaning that he needs to be careful about his approach to customer services and make sure he is aware of the customers legal rights.

Customer protection rights notwithstanding, it is restricted in situations where goods are not of satisfactory quality if inherent defects were pointed out before sale. Similarly if the customer examined the goods before making purchase and a defect was obvious, said customer can no later reject the product as unsatisfactory.

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