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Gun control can be referred to as the regulation of the use and sale of handguns and rifles. It has been termed by many that the gun control is unjust and controlling its use is injustice. This is because the guns are used to save lives in many situations. There has a rising quarrel on the gun control since year 2000. There has been conflict on whether there should be control of guns or whether there should not be. The control of guns can be considered injustice because people with the guns are able to control their lives well. However, not everybody should be given the permission of getting a gun. This is mainly because some may end up misusing it. There is concrete evidence of misuse of the guns like in the case of assassination of President John F. Kennedy. This increased the awareness from the public which led to increased gun control measures or laws (Donald, 1992).

The right to have or own a gun in most countries is stated in the constitution, not everybody is allowed to have a gun. In the US constitution, people are allowed to own guns, but the big question arises on the reason why there are gun control laws. The history of gun control started in Dallas, Texas. Some people try to convince others that there is no problem with the gun control. However, lack of controlling the use of guns can lead to a lot of behaviors that are harmful to the society. Guns usually promote some behaviors that are violent. Guns are being used by many Gangsters to kill people including children around the world. Therefore, there is need to control them and even put tough measures against their use as well as ownership (Earl, 1995).

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