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This is an essay which seeks to give enlightening information on diving with sharks. Contrary to the views of many people, sharks have been assumed to be among the most dangerous sea animals. This to a great extent is not true as depicted by this essay. This essay, by reviewing the stories told by experienced divers, will show that the sharks are docile animals which are not anybody and in fact the sharks are known to take away from the presence of divers. Very few species of sharks have been known to be dangerous but generally the fear of sharks arises out of fine arrangement of sharp teeth on their mouths. This essay will explain the necessary precautions to be taken when diving: where to go, when to go, what sharks are best to dive with, etcetera. The essay three books written which contain stories of experienced divers. The goal of this essay is to show that shark diving is quite interesting and not as dangerous as often depicted.

Huber and Huber (1998) claims that the much publicized fear for sharks is either irrational or total fascination. They make this claim because, “their bites are the least frequent of any injuries divers sustain” (Huber and Huber 355). They explain their choice of the word ‘fascination’ above by showing how it happens at the “Jaws” exhibit at the Universal studios in Orlando, Florida where, “people wait in long lines for the opportunity to be drenched, buffeted and threatened by a huge shark, relentless great white shark” (Huber and Huber 355).

Paul Sieswerda (Huber and Huber 355) claims that care should be taken against any animal with a potential to harm. He further claims that when dealing with sharks “common sense and realistic understanding of the animals should prevail” and further more he says, “the vast majority of sharks are inoffensive animals that threaten only small creatures; but some sharks will bite divers that molest them.” What Paul Sieswerda is putting across is that using common sense when diving with these animals will keep you safe. He however warns that large sharks can seriously injure a diver when provoked (Huber and Huber 355). Therefore the sharks do not attack but when prompted to.

From experience it has been shown that sharks are timid animals. Sharks are so timid that they often run away from divers if they are not used to be fed, “when a shark encounters man, it tends to leave the area as suddenly as it appeared” (Huber and Huber 355). Further it is reported that it is very rare to encounter dangerous sharks on shallow reefs. This is because these animals are largely pelagic and as such can only be found out in the deep open waters. It is reported that dangerous sharks are rarely found in shallow waters where mostly novice sport diving takes place (Huber and Huber 355). Therefore it can be argued that dangerous sharks are out of vicinity and only operate in the deep seas away from the sport diving takes place.

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