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The environment is the most important element in nature, as for a fact, it is in itself, nature. There have been concerns over the preservation of environment and this has been partly due to the increase in emissions and other activities that endanger the environment. As a curator for an art exhibition, it is important to use art in passing across the message of environmental conservation. Note that by so doing, art will be put in use for exactly the reason there is art, in the first place, passing across subtle messages through design and creativity. This paper seeks to show a floor plan for the exhibition that seeks to promote recycling.


Exhibitions are quite important for exhibitors and artists, not only because it offers them a chance to showcase their work to a host of delegates and collectors, but also in conveying the message of the theme, in this case, recycling.  In order to promote the theme of recycling as a means of environmental conservation, an exhibition must begin with its exterior and the floor plan. All these must reflect that art is going green and therefore environmentally friendly. Traditionally, there has been use of the melamine infill panels that have been used in the exercise but which have now come to be replaced with recyclable cardboards in this kind of an exhibition. The cardboards can be used time and time again provided they are not destroyed during showcasing of collections, which is rare. In order to make it look similar to the traditional melamine, with the lustre and brightness, clay can be used to coat the cardboards. In fact, the appearance that results is quite similar to the unrecyclable melamine. Furthermore, it is important to point out that this creation is not only recyclable but also printable, offering the curator a chance to hit two birds with one stone. Additionally, it would be important that the products to be displayed in the exhibition are of some recyclable nature so that it can enhance the theme of recycling for the exhibition.

Recyclable jewel design

Paper jewelries are designed from paper and have great significance in conservation of nature, as they are cheap to make, and paper is recyclable so that the paper can be reused when they loose their shape. An individual may argue that paper may only be brittle when it is made and later looses shape, but this issue has been resolved in the sense that when the paper gets softer, it gets even more comfortable on the wearer than a newly folded paper. Note that the paper is quite malleable, and using it to make jewels is quite easy and even beneficial since there is great potential to produce even designs that have not been utilized in other ornament creation.


Sara Saloukee is an important jewel designer who has come up with these models for making eco-friendly jewels that are unique, beautiful and cheap. Note that the longevity of the paper jewels can be increased by using papers that are hard and embossed, as well as the simple fact that the owner of the jewel is in a position to innovate the worn-out design of the jewel to a better and manageable jewel. Some of the most worn paper jewels include bracelets, necklaces and earrings. It should be noted that the designer of these jewels may use different techniques to come up with designs that are unique and tailor-made. Designs and artwork

The designs that are used to create the jewels are not only unique and creative, but the artworks are quite easy and innovative. As has been indicated, the design of these jewels lie in pleating and folding of the paper in different shapes and dimensions of different sizes, so that this is brought together to form a gorgeous and attractive jewels. It is worth mentioning that the use of such materials as paper, which could be reused in making other commodities after it has lost its significance as a jewel, or even using the reused paper to make these jewels. As a result of these, the jewels are a true show of eco-friendliness and environmental conservation. This is one of the greatest reasons that such jewels are important in an exhibition of this caliber. The exhibition will not only serve to market the innovative designs that are environmental friendly, but also encourage people to become environmental conservation.

Space and its utilization

It is important to keep in mind the fact that there are so many artists and exhibitionists who may wish to parade their works of art in an exhibition. Unfortunately, there is need for the exhibitionists to utilize space on offer in a manner that all items are displayed in an angle that can catch the eye of the observers and visitors in an exhibition. Usually, exhibitions are not in a position to accommodate a great number of exhibitionists, and therefore they are only offered a small booth to work in.


In an exhibition where the main theme of the exercise is to make environmental friendly artwork, the paper jewels innovated by Sara are great and important in addressing the issue, since they are cheap, unique and beautiful. Additionally, there is the fact that even the designing of the exhibition venue is also quite important in portraying the message, as has been shown in this paper.

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