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The country has had experiences with food poisoning where food manufacturers have not been taking good care of their products, thus posing the risk of consumers becoming sick (Tavernise, 2015). Consumers have increasingly suffered from food-poisoning, which has necessitated the need for laws to protect citizens.

According to the rules established, food processing manufacturers will be required to take active steps in minimizing the risks of foods poisoning (Tavernise, 2015). Reducing risks should be performed in the earliest stages instead of first waiting for a person to get sick or die before action is taken. The other rule is that food manufacturers need to have detailed plans in the manufacturing process. All those involved in the food industry are likely to get affected by the rules, hence the need arises for the food chain to devise detailed plans on how to execute and enforce the rules.

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The food chain can take this issue to its advantage. Since no complaints have been made by clients, it is important that the company continues to take safety measures to ensure that quality products are produced by the company. The company can highlight this issue as one of its strengths and portray this aspect to the consumers. The food chain can further continue to tighten its safety measures and ensure that concerns are not raised in the future.
Enforcing the rules is likely to cause an increase in the cost of production as the food chain will need to hire professionals to ensure that food is of high quality. The company can offer training for its employees on food-handling and ensure that all the foods produced adhere to the standards.

The organization can, in fact, continue to offer its clients high-quality goods and further inform them of what they are consuming. They can also offer their clients tips on what to be aware of when they are consuming food products to avoid food poisoning. In this way, the clients feel that the company is concerned for them and is likely to provide them with high-quality products as well.
The company can also place itself to support the government and be active in the campaign against contaminated foods in the industry. In this way, they are recognized by both the government and the consumers. By placing themselves in the forefront against contaminated food products, they are likely to gain positive coverage, hence ultimately an increase in their sales.

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