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Global warming is the rise in the standard temperature of the earth’s ozone layer. It usually occurs when greenhouse gases fence in temperature and light from the sun in the earth’s ambiance. This occurrence has effects on various animals, human beings and plants and when most of these cannot get accustomed to the alterations, they die (Mark 50-58). Global warming has a lot of effects on both the environment and the society in general; the main focus of this research is to analyze the effects of global warming to the society.

To start with, global warming will affect food production hence causing suffering to the society; this occurs when too much carbon dioxide is covered in the atmosphere, elevated temperatures, disrupted rains and transpiration can lead to the emergence of more wild plants, pests and pathogens leading to poor production of food crop (Julie 26-28). A large number of people are suffering from starvation because most of their crops dry up or get infested by the new pests and weeds that are emerging thus resulting to fewer or no food production (Julie 34).

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Secondly, global warming causes suffering to the society due to the health problems that arise out of the issue. People are uncovered to the climate alteration via changing weather outline and in some way through alterations in water, food excellence and air (Chandra 123-125). Global warming has led the emergence of a number of contagious disease vectors and advanced high temperature- related deaths. Also, health of large number of people is likely to be affected by growing starvation; diseases and wounds as a result of sever weather occurrences, advanced cases of diarrhea diseases, cardio respiratory disorders causes by high levels of ozone gases in towns and cities linked to climate change and changed spatial allotment of a number of contagious diseases (Chandra 127).

Disease carrying vectors move from one country to another thus transmitting diseases to various regions and global warming is responsible for that. Equally, the climate change has led to emergence of weighty hurricanes which when they occur they bring about new diseases which affect the entire community. A lot of people are likely to die out of heart diseases and other diseases that are caused by the elevating heat resulting from climatic changes (Chandra 130).

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Furthermore, climate change has led to the scarcity of various resources leading to disagreements between nations connected to the struggle over natural resources. Also, strains like elevated drought, scarcity of water and floods would have impacts on various domestic and provincial populace. As a result some people will feel the pressure of migrating to other nations where the effects of global warming are not as severe and this is likely to cause of worsening disagreements and probably inflict relocation strains (Chandra 111-116).

Moreover, global warming has created tensions between nations as some feel that the nuclear wars have contributed a lot to the climate change, others are struggling for food and water and other nations have issues with the many refugees that are moving to countries that are not affected hugely by the effects of global warming. Also, disasters like storms, floods and droughts that occur due to adverse climatic changes will mostly affect the poor people in the society as these have an issue of getting accustomed to the changes these occurrences bring about because of their limited resources (Julie 50-54).

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Additionally, climatic change affects plants and animals; most of those that cannot survive in the harsh environment die off leading to extinction of some of the species. When this happens, the society is deprived of the beauty it once enjoyed and so the there is no longer happiness that was once brought about by the beauty of the environment (Mark 27).

Global warming has adverse effects on the society at large as if affect food productivity, health, migration and many others. A lot of diseases have emerged as a result of climatic change and these diseases are transmitted over a long range thus affected the entire globe in the long run. Food productivity has gone down due to the emergence of new pest, diseases and will plants which attack the crops, additionally; adverse weather change affects the way crop grows. Many societies do not also enjoy the beauty of the environment anymore as most plant and animal species has become extinct due to their failure to adapt to the climatic changes.

The only thing that can be done to reduce the severity of the effects of global warming is to reduce the production of the unwanted gases that are trapped in the ozone layer. The government should also come up with measures to reduce the severity of the climatic change not only to the society but also to the environment.

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