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Watching a movie is a form of relaxation. Many people, both young and old, tend to converge in their preferences as for this kind of leisure. People crave for the latest in the screens or are following a particular series. The audience tends to like a given character in a given scene. People would then be going to theatres or just get a CD and watch the film at home on TV or computers. The paper discusses the reasons why people would choose one way of watching a film over another and the difference in the choices.

These two modes have similarities and differences. As for similarities, whether one relaxes back at home or visits a cinema, they still watch the movie. The content and message of the film is the same in both cases (Fleishmann 46). Secondly, anyway, one has to incur a particular cost; for example, when one watches a movie at home, they have to purchase it first. When one chooses to visit a theatre, they have to pay for the ticket.

One of the most distinct differences is the context. When you decide to watch a movie at home, you are free to control how you do that. You can decide to pause the video, forward it, rewind, repeat a scene, and even stop it for later viewing making it less frequent. A cinema, on the other hand, is a public place. This makes you to act in a socially acceptable manner since the movie is watched by a lot of people at the same time. Secondly, when you choose to watch a movie aired by a television network at home, you won’t have to pay compared with when you want to go to the cinema to watch the same movie (Fleischmann 17).

It is clear that either of the choices has both strengths and shortcomings. The mode of watching depends on an individual because there is no significant difference in the budget and fun of both places. The ultimate goal is to get leisure in the process. Nevertheless, people love watching movies in cinema because of the company of others.

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