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The company is the leading eighth passenger airline in fleet size. There are regional airline partners include Canada Jets, Canada Jazz. The company in collaboration with its regional partners operates more than 1,500 flights average in a day. Due to this average number of that the company operates on daily basis indicates that it is one of the largest and greatly contributes to the economy of the country as well (Arthur & Fitzpatrick, 5). Air Canada offers services to various destinations in more than 150 countries and provides reciprocal top tier frequent flyer advantage to other airline companies.

Currently, Air Canada is the 13th leading commercial airline globally with roughly 24, 700 full time equivalent workers. Through the company’s Community Investment Program, Air Canada supports charitable organizations. The Community investment program is known as Kids’ Horizons. The shares of the company are usually traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the symbol “AC-B.TO”.

Extent of International Business

Air Canada has an extensive global network, with hubs in the four major cities in Canada. The major cities includes: Montreal, Vancouver, Calvary and Toronto; these cities provide scheduled passenger service directly to more than forty cities in Canada, more than fifty destinations in the U.S.A. and 58 cities in Europe, the middle east, Australia, Asia, Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America. Through the company’s strategic and commercial arrangements with Star Alliance partner airliners, Air Canada offers various services internationally. In the international market, Air Canada offers various services such as air craft and engine maintenance, ground handling among other services to airlines as well as paying much attention to their esteemed clients. They also offer transportation for cargo (Arthur & Fitzpatrick, 3).

In Montreal, by September, 26, 2003, Air Canada announced that it has identified two qualified investors to help in moving the final phase of the Equity sponsorship in order to solicit assistance that is aimed at providing liquidity required in execution of the company’s business plan.

According to Robert Milton, Chief Executive Officer of Air Canada said that “The Encouraging outcome of the above stated process is great authentication to the company’s restructuring efforts to the present date and is a true and a true potential of this airline,” the ability of the company in attracting significant interest from already established  or well-capitalized and sophisticated investors in the international financial community today is an important vote of confidence in Air Canada business plan going forward and the value of the Air Canada franchise (Arthur & Fitzpatrick, 9).

Forward-Looking statements

Statements in this release concerning the scope, transition, and size of the contract in addition to the number of employees supported, are forward-looking statements and are subject to risk which may literally affect the general outcome or become far from expectations. Taking on new customers imposes expenditures and management challenges (Flightglobal, 2). The company is aiming at developing a service delivery model that will reduce the cost of delivering in-scope service while meeting contractual standards.

Air Canada is an international airline company that serves people around the globe and has many achievements in the global market. This is due to good and appropriate services it offers to its clients around the globe. Air Canada has invested drastically in the Calgary market over the past year; this is due to its required strategic response to strong command from its clients. It is also considered as one of the international airlines in the international market and that has made it possible for the company to popularize its services.

This company’s superior schedule, supreme choice of non-stop end, service and loyalty benefits through Aero plan which clearly defines the scope that make Air Canada the airline of choice for customers (Flightglobal, 3). With today's launch of new non-stop service to Tokyo, the company has therefore commenced six new routes that ply Calgary over the past year, including daily non-stop flights to Portland OR and London ON, summer seasonal service to Whitehorse YT and winter seasonal non-stop flights to Maui and Honolulu in the last year as Mr. Rovinescu concludes.

Company’s statistics

According to Flightglobal (1) Air Canada appears to have developed immensely developed in terms of its capital and fuel costs. Air Canada is between 7% and 14% more efficient in terms of its capital costs when evaluated through the passenger load factors as well as the rates of fixed asset turnover, correspondingly. This airline company has also managed to buy its jet fuel at a 4%, the prices which are considered to be lower; and its fuel consumption per RTM is about 5% less, thereby making Air Canada's fleet about 8% more fuel efficient.

A particular charge for labor streamlining of about 28 million dollars was recorded in the first quarter of 2006. The company includes favorable adjustments of 8million dollars which was also recorded in the first quarter of 2006. To operating revenues in the third quarter of 2006, Air Canada recorded 102 million dollars; this was in connection with company’s obligation for the redemption of pre-2002 aero plan miles (Flightglobal, 3). On the other hand, earning per share; basic and diluted are the consolidated Air Canada figure as those that are reflected in the GAAP. Yield and RASM altered for the fourth quarter of 2007 but excluding a favorable adjustment of more than 26 million dollars, linking to a change in bookkeeping estimates. Generally, the Air Canada offers various services which are of help to its customers who travel internationally. 

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