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The most common types of speech are informative and persuasive. The aim of this paper is to compare and contrast these types of speeches.

Comparing goals of persuasive and informative speeches, one should note that the main goal of persuasive speech is to make people postpone their benefits and offer new ideas.

Information is used in different ways. Persuasive speech aims to persuade the public that a certain point of view is correct, when informative speech represents information to teach the audience. Both persuasive and informative speeches are supported with exact information. The styles are used by academic lectures and sales pitches.

The informative speech should be 5-7 minutes in length. It should be 6-8 minutes in length. Both for informative and persuasive speeches ten percent will be deducted from your grade for every minute over the maximum or under the minimum. Informative and persuasive speeches include the fulfilling of speaker’s major functions such as an introduction and conclusion, the clear language use.

Declaiming informative or persuasive speech the speaker may use note cards. But he/she should be aware that depending too heavily upon these notes, to the extent that they become a manuscript, usually results in poor eye contact, vocal technique, and/or posture. When preparing informative speech a person must have a clear specific purpose and central idea.

Also, it is necessary to remember such features of informative speech: each main point should be clearly identifiable and fully developed in a well-organizes manner, its delivery should be extemporaneous; an adequate volume, good eye contact, alert posture, and attention to the clear articulation of sounds have to be included. The speaker should use general familiar words, particularly if topic is complicated.

The peculiarities of persuasive speech are that a speechmaker must have a crystal clear thesis statement, display coherent organization of main points, and cite at least three sources of evidence. The style of speaking should be conversational as if the speaker communicates with a friend. Informative speech's aim is to provide facts or statistics.

If the speaker’s purpose is to make a speech, learn the desire of the target audience. If the goal is to give an informative speech, they expect to learn some new information. If the aim is to give a persuasive speech the speechmaker should convince the audience in his/her own ideas.

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