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The vocabulary used in the sample essay is common. It helps to understand the meaning and the object of the essay easily. A bundle of unique words can create problem especially for ESL users. It is important to use the words which are common and used in daily conversation or commonly used in daily life routine. It helps the users to understand the real meaning efficiently especially the ESL. Otherwise, the hard words give hard time to the ESL user.

Expectations, conventions, requirements: As the topic of the sample essay also discuss the social value. However, It is mandatory to consider the social and cultural contexts when writing a topic referring to a specific society and or culture. A mismatch of discourse and genre with the social and cultural contexts can never possess an authoritative impression on the readers. In the sample essay the reference of western families and consideration of western cultural, economical and societal norms awards authority to the topic. The writer has meaningfully managed the social value in the essay which can be witnessed throughout the discourse.

Grammar, discourse and genre: If there is an excellent discourse and an artistic genre but grammar is lacking. It cannot be considered a clear, cohesive and well defined writing. Grammar is an integral and critically important element of writing if it lacks the beauty of discourse and genre could be ruined. The proper use of noun, pronoun the proper and appropriate cohesiveness between the sentences and paragraphs is critically important to understand the theme.  Therefore, it is critical important to master the grammar to express well (Paltridge, 2006).

The sample essay possesses a good grammar genre and discourse. That is why it is easy to understand because of its easy writing style, smooth organization of ideas and well cognized grammar, discourse and genre.

Collocation: Collocation plays pivotal role to understand the sentence. Sometime everything would be ok but collocation makes it hard to understand a single sentence. Moreover, for ESL users it is hard to understand a complex collocation. Therefore, it is important to make the collocation meaningful.

The sample essay has great sense of collocation. There is no sentence which could create mass for a reader even it is very easily understandable by the ESL users. The sample essay posses all the qualities of user friendly writing scheme especially for the ESL users.

Cohesion in the text: Cohesion is the connector or connecting flow of writing. It connects one texture to another and maintains the interest of story. The sample essay possesses good cohesion to connect the one thought or argue to another. 

General: However, all students write every writing piece to reflect their thoughts with researched facts. While this may seem self-evident students often rush into an assignment without giving it sufficient thought. Then they become frustrated when they discover that the words and sentences are not filling the pages. They suspect writer’s block, when they have not even written a word. Instead of panicking or postponing the writing students should pause to consider the topic, look at class notes, reread the information in the text, and study the assignment. On the other hand academic writing is different from plain writing. Students occasionally ask professors why they are not permitted to write the way they speak. Barzan argues for writing that is simple and direct, but he also writes that “most speaking is not plain or direct, but vague, clumsy, confused, and wordy” (1994, p. 12). So, for such problems it is not allowed in academic writing patterns. So, the student writers should make a list of what seems to be significant points on the topic and prepare the assignments according to the academic patterns and submitted well in time.

The treatise has talked about importance of discourse, genre, social and cultural aspect and the critical part of grammar in sample essay. It is found that high-quality writing cannot be produced without a solid command on the writing constituents defined in this essay. Hence, consideration of all constituents can only produce a clear, cohesive and descriptive essay.

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