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The nature of the hazard is already clear in this case that if executed, the attack will result to mass causalities. However, proper efforts have to be made to clearly come up with potential hazards.  This will ensure that end users, for instance security analysts, of the assessment, evidently comprehend predictions that have been brought fourth. Therefore this is the point where claims that the attack will be massive, will be substantiated (Roberts & Horgan, 2008). This will entail such activities like examining the factors that increase or reduce the probability membership of terror group and also the hazard the group or individual group member forwards in the event of the attack.  The risk factors will also have to be identified that may increase of decrease the risk of the hazard.

Frequency of the Hazard. Major (2002), asserts that the predicted frequency of the terror attack is very essential in risk assessment. The hazard is anticipated to be within 30 days, a fact that gives the professional a milestone in making their predictions.  Essentially, the specific period should be scaled down to prevent the uncertainties that might come due to different periods of time being likely linked to different levels of chances to commit crime. If the prediction is made over large time frame, it might make the hazard unmanageable. In most cases, terrorism groups work under particular dates including certain anniversaries, giving it an additional importance.  The target could be identified by considering all high profile agencies that are linked with any celebrations upon which attacks frequently happen within the predicted period.

Low base rates problem. This is one of the difficult aspects of violence risk assessment.  This means that hazard in question may not be very frequent in relative to other forms of violent attacks.  Massive terrorism attacks compared to other events are rare in the in the United States of America. Due to its nature of low base rate, the prediction might suggest that it unlikely to occur hence making the government to relax in its efforts of counterterrorism (Major, 2002).

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