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A counterterrorism strategy is an approach or an action plan aimed at combating the terrorism attack that has been predicted by the intelligence. This strategy has to respect human rights while making the country a safer for everyone and also allow the citizens of the United States of America to live in the area with freedom, security and justice.  In order to ensure that the attack is prevented, the US government has to employ a strategy that will not only involve it alone but all like minded nations around the world because terrorism is a global threat (Peters, 2002).

There are four main pillars that the government must base on to be able to uphold the interests of the citizens while at the same time ensuring their security, they include: preventing, protecting, pursuing and responding. The counterterrorism strategy has also to be accountable and democratic. In preventing, the government of the United Sates of America has to prevent the terrorists from such acts by ensuring that they deal with root causes or factors that can easily to radicalism. This will be done by developing common strategies in all states to identify and tackle the suggestive the problematic behavior that might result to attacks.

Prevention will also involve promotion of democracy, good governance to ensure that whatever differences that exist between the US and other nations of the world are wiped out. Additionally, it must deal with recruitment in major environment like warship or religious training places and incitement to ensure that any person with an intention of abusing the purpose of the said places is rooted out.  Major cause of the attacks having been identified as capitalism and Western culture, the state must also develop and encourage inter-cultural negotiations activities (Richelson & Evans, 2001).

The second major strategy will be to protect its citizens and the infrastructure especially those identified by the risk assessment as the most likely targets. Through its actions, the US will be seeking to decrease vulnerability to attack by improving security across its borders, critical infrastructure and transport.  There are some critical areas that this pillar should focus including improving the secure nature of personal identification documents of people within its territory.  The government through its relevant agencies has to develop and strengthen risk analysis of its external borders and ensure that citizens are warned to be wary of the speculated target around the said dates (Roberts & Horgan,, 2008).

In its efforts to pursue, the government has to thoroughly investigate all terrorism activities within its borders and globally. It is critical to obstruct terrorist planning, communication and travel and therefore all communication networks that belong to terrorist must be disrupted by discontinuing the supply of both operational materials and financial support. This will have a general objective of bringing terrorists to justice (Peters, 2002).

There are major priorities involved in pursuing the terrorists. First of all, the US must strengthen its national abilities to combat terrorism basing on the findings and recommendations provided by domestic anti-terrorism unit.  it should deal with terrorists access to explosives and weapons that range from home-made explosives components to weapons of mass destruction.  Through strengthening and implementation of appropriate legislation, the government has to further deal with terrorist financing to avoid non-profit sector abuse (Major, 2002).It has to be noted that some of commendations here are not only geared towards countering the projected attack but also as a long term measure to deal with the threat. Such strategy will include offering technical and financial support to other priority developing nations to enhance global counter-terrorism abilities.

Lastly the other important pillar is to respond. This will however be implemented in the event of failure of prevention, protection and pursue. The US will have no option but to come together in the spirit of unity to try and manage, reduce the outcomes of terrorist attack.  This will be achieved by improving capacities to handle the after effects, the response co-ordination and victim needs ((Richelson & Evans, 2001).

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