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Magazines come in many genres ranging from home décor to gardening. The focus in this essay will be to compare and contrast two Science and technology magazines. The magazines I chose are “Popular science" and “Laptop”

The theme highlighted in “Popular science” is the major technological changes that affect us in all aspects of life. Energy, gadgets, pollution are all covered extensively. The content is well researched on the various fields and expert opinion is given. Images have been used to drive the point home and to better relate with the audience. The target market is those who have a keen interest in Science.  The format taken is quite sophisticated but the departments narrow down the search for the reader. Columns are used in an easy to follow format with relevant images displayed. The classified section is well utilized for advertisements which are mainly from scientific firms. Sections like “what’s new”, cover the latest technology for example android OS. The various departments are well versed with information and have used special scientific formats to relay the information.

In laptop, the content is basically mobile gadgets. The magazine gives a monthly review on cell phones, Wi-Fi, notebooks, digital cameras and projectors. The best information is the how-to manuals given by the magazine to users who could be unfamiliar with the gadgets. The glossy pictures of these gadgets are on display in most pages with the eye-catching colors acting as an added attraction. The style is simple and there is no particular layout as all pages have different styles. All the advertisements have particularly been placed by specific competing companies in the mobile world. Features, accessories, offers, warranty and services are displayed per item. Reviews are done on gadgets and this includes comparing them to previous versions. The target market is techno-savvy generation that wants to be at the frontline technologically

The similarities are that both magazines carry out reviews on the latest technology and give their views. Both also use expert opinion on the gadgets with interviews from scientists a common feature. Both magazines use very attractive images both on the cover and the inside to attract customers. They also use expert advice to make the customers more confident on the magazines integrity. Both also offer a “Letters” section where they receive customer feedback to better their services.

While Laptop focuses its scope on few portable devices, popular science covers broader areas of science, giving documented evidence and analysis. Laptop is more profit oriented as it advertises in most of its pages while popular science generally provides scientific data and implications for the consumer. Popular Science is well organized with all the departments well planned while Popular is not organized to this level basically because the format is simple. Laptop is relevant for a short period of time after which it can no longer be relied upon as opposed to popular science which even has articles on future innovations.

I would prefer to subscribe to popular science. The magazine is diverse and with the ever changing technological field, it is better to buy a magazine that tells it all. An issue could cover space technology and still developments in heart surgery. I would not recommend Laptop because the magazine is timely, issues will only be beneficial for a while. The magazine will only cover a small section of science and thus limit one’s knowledge. Laptop is also not suitable for those who would want to gain general knowledge in science. The magazine could display tens of pictures of cell phones as opposed to providing scientific information on the same.

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