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Arthur & Fitzpatrick (2) assert that Air Canada is Canada’s one of the leading full-service airline and the prevalent provider of scheduled passenger services in the Canadian market, this is the Canada-United States trans-border market and in the global market to and from Canada. In collaboration with Air Canada’s partners called Jazz, in 2008, they carried roughly 32 million passengers and in so doing they provided direct passenger service to more than 170 destinations. Air Canada is the founding member of Star Alliance companies that provide the most comprehensible air transportation network. This paper therefore researches to which extent is Air Canada is involved in the international trade market.

Services offered by the company. A la carte pricing

Air Canada’s redesigned website ( provides innovative a la carte pricing that is aimed at enabling customers to customize their travel experience through the will of choosing whatever they wish to pay for. These are customers from or to the United States on flights within Canada. A la carte pricing combines Air Canada well-known fares deals with possible features such as travel assistance, flight meal voucher, lounge access, aero plane miles, and baggage checking (Arthur & Fitzpatrick, 5). Worldwide are available in 15 nations and offer four languages, and localized services in local currencies. The company intends to expand its growing array of mobile services at (

Flights passes. Air Canada is one and the only airline that provides its clients with Flight Passes and this leads to convenience to self-mange travel online. This is done in either pre-purchase bank of one –way flight credits or fixed monthly subscriptions.

Brief history of Air Canada

Air Canada is the leading airline in the U.S.A. and also it is the flag carrier. This company was established in the year 1936. The company’s chief hub is situated in the Toronto Pearson International Airport in Ontario. The founder members as I mentioned earlier are the Star Alliance. The total members were around 21 in 1997 and its headquarters are situated in Montreal, Quebec but it was shifted in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1949. Air Canada Company came from the publicly traded firm known as ACE Aviation Holdings which historically is the father to Air Canada Company (Arthur & Fitzpatrick, 4). The first name of Air Canada is Trans-Canada Airlines which started its operation in 1938 but its identity was changed after approval by the state. Currently, Air Canada uses the following air craft in its operations such as: Boeing 777, Boeing 767, Air Bus A330, Air Bus A320 family, A319, A 320, A321, Embraer E170 and E190 family. 

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