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One may wonder what would turn out to Warner-Lambert's, American pharmaceutical company, dealings if a natural disaster struck Saudi Arabia and deplete its natural gas resources. If this took place and the natural gas resources depleted, Warner-Lambert's business would encounter a lot of hurdles. Saudi Arabia’s naturally occurring gas resources are taken to be the main elements for development of synthetic alcohol frequently used in Listerine. Lambert would soon realize that Listerine’s vast customer market demand would be tough or impossible to meet. Therefore, if the resources were used up, the company might either take a decision to find another area with plenty of natural gas, which might not be always possible, or they might have to close down their production. In both cases, Warner-Lambert would face a massive decrease in profits or an increase in expenses. A natural disaster in natural gas would affect Warner-Lambert’s supply chain. It would affect other companies. Without natural gas, Listerine would not deliver its forty three-proof punch. This could only be solved by finding another seller of natural gas.

If Warner-Lambert's business would decide to relocate to an area with the natural gas resources, above time wasted the business would incur costs such that of resurveying for viable areas with gas, manpower, cost of a new set up, and that of compensating the products that were not produced during the process. In case Warner-Lambert's business has dealings in the stock market, the losses would not only be felt by business but also by the shareholders. The company’s downfall would lead to lying out of the majority of employees if a solution would not be hit in time to intervene on the situation. Warner-Lambert's business’ closure would also be an option if the management found no way out.

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