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  1. The line of business, mission, and goals of the organization he/she works for. Describe these briefly.

            General Dynamics Information Technology is a Department of Defense contractor within the Aerospace and Defense industry. The goals and mission   of General Dynamics (GD) is to provide a wide range of support services to all     branches of the United States Military as well as various government intelligence agencies. Specific examples of goals and mission statements include:

  1. Provide training logistical support for servicemen and women overseas in the areas of weapons and tank maintenance.
  2. Information Technology Support for military/government installations.
  3. Support intelligence agencies by analyzing and summarizing  foreign intelligence, counter intelligence, network security, satellite  imagery, and more.
  4. Procure, outfit, and install Medical, Non-Medical, IT, and furniture equipment in government and military facilities across the US, Europe, and Middle East.


            Specifically, I fall under the GD Initial Outfitting (IO) sector of the company, called Health Facilities IO&T.


  1. The description of his/her job functions and job responsibilities, educational background, professional experiences, personal challenges, job achievement, and fulfillment.

                        As a Senior Program Analyst on the Walter Reed, National Capital Region IO&T program, I serve as the deputy to the Senior Logistics Planner for all procurement, warehousing, delivery, and installation of over 140,000  Medical, Non-Medical, IT, and Furniture items across three functional areas of operation. Those areas include the new Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) in Bethesda, MD, the new Fort Belvoir Community Hospital at Ft Belvoir, VA, as well as GD’s warehouse in  Springfield, VA where we receive and inventory all items prior to deploying to their respective hospitals. My primary responsibility includes managing a   team of 8 Program Analysts, Logistics Engineers, and Supply Technicians across all three operational areas. Other areas of responsibility entail reporting departmental outfitting status to the customer and Senior Management, resolving equipment issues through proper procurement and clinical channels, and work with vendors to obtain quotes, delivery  schedules, and installation timelines.


                        I have been with General Dynamics for approximately 8 years and   began my employment as an Intern with the General Dynamics, United Kingdom (GDUK) division. I lived and worked in Rome, Italy for       approximately 2 years after my internship as an International Financial      Analyst. After working in Italy, I transferred to Fairfax, VA at the GDIT headquarters building as a Senior Finance Analyst responsible for the reporting, billing, purchasing, and auditing of a $55M business unit.


            I received two bachelor degrees and a minor in Italian. One Bachelor of      Science degree in Finance from Cornell University as well as a Bachelor of Science in International Business from Ithaca College. Both located in Ithaca,         NY. I am also currently pursuing my MBA part time while holding my current  position.


                        Personal challenges I have come across generally have to do with pursuing my masters and balancing work with my personal life. It is important to have that balance in order to put aside the stresses of the office  and important deadlines to prevent myself from burning out or losing site of what is important to both myself and my family.


                        Through hard work and dedication, I feel I have achieved a lot in this  organization and a relatively fast pace. I feel that my desire to learn, better myself, and willingly take on additional responsibilities has proven to work out well for me in that I have found myself to be a dependable asset to the company.


  1. The operational and strategic objectives of the supply and purchasing department.


                        The primary objectives of GD’s supply and purchasing departments are to procure and maintain quality products and services at a fair and reasonable price while maintain compliant with the numerous regulations         and rules any government contract is held to. Due to the high level of interaction with various regulatory agencies, it is important that all   purchasing and supply personnel are educated with current polices GD is   held to under agencies and regulations such as the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA), Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA), Cost Accounting Standards (CAS), as well as internal GD corporate policy on approval hierarchy.


                        At the same time, GD is a corporation in a capitalistic society and doe have a responsibility to its shareholders to make a solid return on investments. Because of this, GD is also very focused on achieving best   possible pricing to lower overall contract costs, increase profits, and win additional work.


  1. How the above supply objectives align with the organizational mission and goals.


                        The objectives of GD’s Supply and Purchasing department aligns with the organizational goals of the company by providing quality products and services to the federal government at a fair and reasonable price. The procurement of highly complex, high dollar valued items are crucial to keeping in line with overall organizational goals by ensuring that we support US Military and Intelligence Agencies to the best of our abilities.

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