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The corporate sector represents board business organizations based on diverse commercial operations. Although diversity is apparent in business activities the notion of interaction with the environment and acts as the core factor that facilitates development of a venture. In addition, in order for achieve the laid down objectives a business entity should comprehensively interact with the society as the target market segment. However, particular business norms and standard greatly influences a venture in conducting business activities. In order for business organization to prosper, achieve public support and reflect mutually based interaction compliance with the established business ethics is paramount not only on authority grounds but also in boosting business operations. Considering, the waterfront commission of port of New York: A history and appraisal diverse facts on corporate ethics are evident especially on consequences of infringing with ethical issues from commercial perspective. In addition, the article is informative on issues that culminated to formation of Waterfront Commission of the Port of New York highlighting its achievement and failures. However, this paper is geared towards detailed discussion and extensive analysis of business ethical issues evident in the article based on policies formulated and promoted by the commission.

Various business ethical issues are evident from the article highlighting both inadequacies and the need to promote moral values in various areas from business perspective. The fact that business ethics are instrumental in influencing corporation relationship with its clients or customer it plays a pivotal role in development and facilitating an organization to compete favorably. However, corporations infringe with the established business ethics due criminal activities coupled with the need to meet laid down business objectives. The crime raise contributed to a large part in violation of business ethics and immoral business venture. This culminated to formation of a commission in order to restore an environment that promoted legitimate business operations mounted on pre-established business norms and standards. The fundamental step towards upholding business operations in line with the established ethical issues governing corporation in New York entailed deployment of appropriate techniques geared towards eliminating criminal activities. The fact that criminal activities were organized and executed by groups having centralized powers termination of the activities called for formulation of a systematic plan based on gangsters’ organization structures.

 The fact that business entity had to comply with demands of criminal groups, unrealistic increase in prices of vital commodities was remarkably high. The high cost of living attributed to criminal control on commercial sector was at the expense of low salaries and wages of the residents. The notion of exploitation was evident and life especially to the low and middle class earners was harsh. However, from an ethical perspective it is the situation was against the established standards and procedures regarding business operations. In addition, the illegitimate notion of conducting business activities was evident which subjected casual labors and the semiskilled work to adverse working and living conditions. Notably, it is unethical for a business organization to raise prices of its products or services based on the criminal or illegitimate business operations. Although the economy was mounted on capitalism ideologies that promotes free market the fundamental factors that culminated to gradual raise in standard of living were mounted on crime activities. From this perspective, business operations were unethically conducting operations. The high prices resulted to harsh economical conditions and exploitation of the masses in the society. Notably, a large portion of population depended heavily on established corporations for employment to meet their financial obligations in the society. However, the population of the workers compromised mainly of casual labors or the semiskilled hence received relatively low remuneration package than the skilled. The fact that criminal activities influenced business activities in the region and welfare on employees in organizations were neglected, salary and wage increase were rare. In this case employee suffered from the climbing standard of living at the expense of receiving low wages as remuneration package. Based on the established ethics bounding business corporations it is unethical to deny employee remuneration increase especially on the increasing standard of living influenced by various factors in the environment. Therefore, it was not only unfair to the workforce especially the casual laborers and semiskilled but also against the established ethics governing business corporations.         

Formation of Waterfront Commission played an instrumental role in restoring dignity in business entity and eliminating criminal influence in major commercial operations. Contributions of the commission in deploying apt business conditions involved formulation of diverse policies aimed at ensuring employee welfare are met through establishing organizations affiliated workers in order to effectively respond to diverse employee welfare in the society. For instance unions affiliated to employee were established to create a working condition that reflected business ethics. The commission was in the fore front towards introducing radical changes in the work force aimed at establishing a workforce that respects ethical values in business dealings. The fact that criminal groups were in control of major business ventures and had influenced unethical procedures and working environment the commission had to swiftly deploy operations to terminate affiliation of criminal groups with corporations activities. The notion of corrupt was rampant in the public institution especially in the recruitment of employees and promotion. This greatly reduced competence and application of skills in various corporations which culminated to gradual decline in productivity and capacity to introduce innovative techniques to resolve problems in an organization. In this case the established standards on moral values were highly infringed however the commission was committed in restructure the entire organization through emphasizing on the importance of ethics in business entities.

Business ethics is diverse phenomena that give an apt platform for business entity to operation in dealing with various organizational structures. Ethical issues involves not only the economical and working environment but also social-cultural within an organization. Notably, New York inhabitants are diverse emanating from diverse parts hence characterized cultural disparities. The cultural disparity acts as the fundamental factor that influenced correlation with various institutions and securing an employment in the corporate sector especially during high corruption rates. In this case the minority groups like the blacks and Asians were rarely recruited in various institutions due to race identity rather that qualification or competence of an individual. From this perspective, minority groups were discriminated in the workforce. In addition, the minority groups in the society were misrepresented in various institution or organs responsible with giving grievances of the workforces especially in the industries. However, Waterfront Commission identified misrepresentation of the minority groups and racial segregation in the workforces. The fact that racial discrimination was against the code of conduct in business entities in the United States the commission was in the fore front towards establishing a unified platform in recruitment as well as representation of employees’ welfare. Establishing divisions across racial groups in workforce is highly condemned not only by business ethics but also legal structures. Therefore, the commission had two distinct perspectives in discouraging segregation in the workforce based on racial orientation.


Ethical values within a business organization plays an instrumental role in facilitating mutual relationships with the society and meeting respective code of conduct governing corporations. Regarding the ethical situation of business entities in New York Port in the early 1950s, commercial activities were in the hands of criminals that influenced business negatively and highly infringed with the ethics bounding business entities. However, Waterfront Commission played an instrumental role in restoring apt business environment, responding to employee welfare issues and upholding dignity of business corporations as stipulated in business code of conduct.

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