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This is an organizational diagnosis of a company of my choice which is Apple Inc. and it focuses on their marketing department and other related organizational systems that need change. This report identifies some of the areas that need changes and a reason for the change. The paper also further identifies and describes the human implications, potential resistance factors, and the drivers of the change.

Identification and description of human implications, potential resistance factors, and the drivers of the change.

Some of the principles that are involved in planning and the range of techniques and tools that Apple Inc. uses to develop their marketing strategies ought to be revised my management if at all they are interested in penetrating the international market. The potential resistance factors and human implications have far reaching implications to the progress of the company and therefore a keen interest must be paid to them. Some of the techniques that Apple uses to develop their marketing strategy in the current business environment include those that target customer care, taking advantage of new innovations which can support some of their applications and programs for instance the iPod and iPad craze and using a monolithic approach to marketing whereby all the products use the brand name Apple and hence boosting the overall performance of the company.

Some of the potential resistance factors may include use of impractical principles or coming up with gadget that are not user friendly, geographical disadvantage to reach out to customers from far flung places and managing to cater for customers with different personalities. The planning principles that are used by Apple focus on ensuring that their customers get satisfied and their needs are catered for. The strategy that Apple inc. uses and has the biggest impact is their approach to customers’ needs and concerns. Here they heavily focus on the experience of their customers. Apple’s main competence and strong point is in ensuring that they deliver exceptional and excellent experience to their customers by ensuring that they have the best user interfaces and user friendly screens. This is an area of that the company focuses on heavily in as far as their products are concerned. One other strategy that Apple should incorporate in their branding strategy ought to focus on customers’ emotions. This strategy should be more concerned with different customers’ personalities and it should help the company to take care of the different aspects of their personalities for instance their lifestyles, their passion, some of their aspirations, liberty and many other interests, tests and preferences. The company should focus on being simple and avoid complexity by coming up with innovation and designs that appeal to the people.

Identification of the changes that need to be made and a reason for the change.

There are quite a number of other marketing strategies that Apple uses that require improvements which also include efforts and attempts to break through markets and serve their customers efficiently, they have structures and plans in place which ensures that they reach their customers worldwide without fail. According to Spector, B, good leadership in an organization is supposed to spearhead change. The organization has subsidiaries and franchise all over the globe. The apple organization truly connects with the customers and that is why it is loved world over. The brand’s franchise is very strong. The preference that most of their products get is overwhelming and that keeps the company a float for over now two decades. Another thing that the company does to stay ahead of the competition is through their pricing policy, they price their products reasonably. Industry pundits allege that Apple has stayed ahead of their competition because of the reasonable and premium pricing .It is one of the companies with arguably some of the most fair prices .Many are of the opinion that without the fair pricing they would not be still competitive in the PC business. Apple is so advanced and very efficient with all their manufacturing and distribution and supply chain. Apple is very efficient when it comes to logistics, reaching out to customers and related operations, the only serious competition that Apple has in the world of PCs and its solutions could be Dell.

 The company should try to reduce on overheads by, for instance, not pay other companies to get licenses for operating systems. They should increase their product portfolio to now include many other products aside from iMac, iPhone, iBook and iLife. The following are some of the options that concern marketing which Apple should try using and how they may impact on their business.Through competitive positioning, value creation and excellent customer care, Apple will manage to stay ahead of the park .The huge image and excellence of the Apple brand leaves the organization with a very big challenge and task of living up to it. Their innovativeness together with technology savvy and beautiful designs of their products what the company promises in their advertisements. Apple Inc. as an organization should improve and expand their distribution ability and capabilities by coming up with their own retail shops in major cities all over the world particularly in places with bigger populations.

Recommendations which demonstrate strategic alignment with the chosen organization.

Apple can still get into some strategic merges with other relate companies to help them co-brand and in distributing their products, solutions and services. This is one of the most common methods that many companies have been using from way back. For instance, they can approach HP to sell some of their products, particularly their new technology savvy products like the iPod they can come up with promotional alliances. Apple in a bid to stay ahead of their competition, they should make it easy for people to access and acquire iPods by doing partnerships with resellers and in the process attract more customers to their online products. Apple shops that retail their products should ensure that they give customers true value of the brand. Customers who visit Apple Store should be given humane treatment and in the process they will get to experience and discover what the apple organization is all about, products, quality and services. The ambience that Apple should create within their outlets, for instance allowing customers to test products and ask for assistance can make many customers feel at home with the outlets and their products. The staff at Apple’s outlets shops should be welcoming enough and helpful in the sense that they voluntarily provide information to ignorant customer without looking down upon them. The customer care service should create a feeling of togetherness and inclusiveness by making customers understand what technology ought to be like and how it should help improve peoples’ lives.

The strategy that Apple ought to use in doing global marketing should basically be monolithic in nature i.e. the organization must only be interested in it being identified by one brand name the varying nature of their products and services notwithstanding. The company in a bid to market the brand effectively and maintaining its identity, everything has to be associated with the name `Apple’ whether it is the iPod or iTunes. Apple in a bid to appeal to customers all over the world should venture in as many products as possible particularly those that people across the world seem to be interested in.

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