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Organizational change, and especially in our present days, is a merely natural process. Change is predictable and inescapable. Change depends on time, situation, rivalry, and marketplace milieu. Organizational Change is a procedure channeled via the environment. An organization is required to transform its configuration and its structure to get in terms with its objectives and missions. In essence, managerial change is in focus to organization system alteration, opposed to less significant changes such as new recruitments and equipment modification. Organizational structure change can be defined as a change in visualization, mission and stratagem, streamlining business processes, mode of actions, introduction of the latest expertise, business mergers and acquisitions, initiation of chief partnerships, downsizing and rightsizing, carry out fresh executive conjectures and approaches. Organizational renovation can as well be viewed as an organizational change. Organizational change is not an intricate course of action as it is requisite by time and administration to upsurge. Information systems inexorably become associated in organizational political principles because they affect admission to a main resource, explicitly, information. Since information systems are likely to alter an organization’s system, traditions, politics, and occupation, there is regularly an extensive resistance to them upon their foreword. Organizations which are capable of acknowledging and comprehending the weight of organization change on projects and employ strategies to curtail the impact, will rationalize the practice and alleviate the ache of change for all the concerned subjects. In my succinct dissertation, I will put in plain words, my experience with Midway Car Center, a small automotive firm owned by my uncle, Mr. Asaad Maroun. The company operates in Boston, MA, and is about to open a new branch in another state. Mr. Asaad asked my colleague and I, for we are programmers who graduated from a celebrated university in Business Computing major, to create an advanced software that can replace the traditional, outdated, and old filing database that his business comprises. User-friendly interfaces that can facilitate workflow, eliminate redundancies, and boost productivity and demand. It’s an enormous change for a little company that already employs tens of workers and wants to engage in an aftermarket car part sale based on the stakeholders’ perceptions, requirements and preferences.


Midway car center is in the process of opening a new branch in New York, that branch should have the same both main services the Headquarter offers. Automotive sales and automotive parts sales, each of these services should now work on independent systems linked together later on with using a network link, managed by a sync process program to which the output will be displayed in a single resource management program. However, for now, since each service will take place in a different department and departments are not managed by a single management team, the program is intended to work on a single business entity.

In order to make our P.O.S work properly we are in need to deploy the most imperative software, indispensable because of its substance .It is the Microsoft visual studio 2008. Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition is a comprehensive set of tools that accelerates the process of turning the developer’s vision into reality. Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition was engineered to support development projects that target the Web (including ASP.NET AJAX), Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, the 2007 Microsoft Office system, SQL Server 2008, and Windows Mobile devices. Accommodating software is the ADO.Net which is a group of computer software components that can be used by programmers. It is commonly used by programmers to access and modify data stored in relational database systems. It is a part of the base class library included with the Microsoft .NET Framework. It can also be used to access data in non-relational sources. These classes provide access to a data source, such as Microsoft Access Database. The many benefits of using point of sale (POS) software have made it almost impossible to operate a successful business without it. From information tracking to inventory counts, POS software can greatly streamline the operation of your business and boost your sales.

Midway Car center is already a center for a wide variety of high performance parts, accessories and more. It is one of the pioneer organizations in the state of Massachusetts and is tremendously reputated and respected by the vast majority of people there. Based on its broad familiarity, integrity and credibility, customers all over the States have been frequently and persistently requesting an expansion into an after-market exterior custom auto-part dimension.  Upon this concept that we mentioned above, Mr. Asaad took the initiative to contact us to recollect his requirements and vision concerning an easy-to use and a flexible point of sale system that would bring about the following list of benefits to the organization as a whole:

a-     Faster, Easier Software Installation

b-    Less Money Spent on Information Technology

c-     Less Money Spent on Computer Hardware

d-    Better Cash Flow

e-     Real Time Information for Multi Store Solutions

f-      Improved Inventory Control

g-     Easier In-Store Operations and Customer Service

h-     Improved Sales

i-       Eliminates Workstation and Operating System Concerns

Point of Sale (POS) software is eminently flexible, and comes in a wide variety of capabilities, making it suitable both for small, one man operations as well as gigantic chain stores. Many POS software also allow the owner to tailor their functions for their store’s specific needs. Efficiency, information tracking, and suppleness are the greatest benefits of point of sale software. Besides giving your customers a better retail experience, POS software also provides literal reams of sale tracking, productivity stats and inventory information all with the click of a button.


This change is critical and mandatory since Midway Car Center has a standing to maintain and grow. This will not be an unproblematic and easy route to set pace on. The company runs since the 1980s and has underwent minor changes that haven’t had the adequate influential factor to set resistance for change or seriously frame the composition of the business. Although the company was successful and has established its character all of those years with a copious number of faithful customers and sponsors, however, amid the constant and rapid change that our current world is witnessing, sets off a grave urge, which is somehow intimidating, to indulge in the change process, and integrate information technology with the firm’s business processes. Because organizational opposition to change is so prevailing, many information technology investments struggle and do not augment output. Undeniably, research on project realization breakdowns reveals that the most widespread grounds for failure of huge projects to attaining their goals, are not the collapse of the machinery; nevertheless organizational and political resistance to the very fact of transformation. There is a rising interdependence between a firm’s capability to apply information technology and its ability to execute business strategies and pull off corporate objectives. The businesses’ aspirations are often interrelated with the capacities of its systems. As such, increasing market share, becoming the premium or cut-rate manufacturer, developing innovative products, and boosting employee efficiency, rely progressively on the prominence of information systems within the organization. The more you appreciate this affiliation, the more priceless benefits you will reap as a manager. Mr. Maroun had an exceedingly impressive perspective and character concerning the change that his company is about to embrace. He was determined to bring about change, and profoundly self-confident to shrewdly endure the challenges and obstacles that he and his entire crew might encounter along the road. We all realized the positivity and ample advantages of such a transmission. If Midway Car Center desires to harvest the pros of new prospects in marketplaces, expand fresh goods, and generate new repairs, possibilities are rather elevated, that it will require implementing extensive investments in IT to apprehend these new trade opportunities. If it aspires to reach out a planned lead over its opponents, to distinguish itself from its contestants, IT is a fundamental boulevard for accomplishing such advantages in addition to variations upon business administration.

            When meeting several times with courteous Mr. Asaad Maroun, the owner of Midway Car Center, we have come to realize his passion and devotion for his work and his utmost keenness on each and every employee he has. Although a little complex, nonetheless he appreciates and fondly regards his crew, and wants to retain the services and credibility of his current employees, despite wanting to hire a couple more. His target is to train employees to adapt to the new apparatus and software, and furthermore recruit 3-4 new and young up-to-date managers to organize, assign roles, and specialize workers to aid with the comprehensive training progression. Despite the fact that the owner encourages the foremost aspects of motivation and incentives, and although he places so much trust and integrity in his employees and in return they feel so comfortable and willing to endeavor in this change venture, however they are a little worried, but confident about the stakeholders’ response and standpoint on such an alteration. While Mr. Asaad and we, have discussed numerous positive impacts incorporating customers, surroundings and suppliers. Some of those advantages were:


  • Implement IT Infrastructure Improvement Projects,   flexibility and responsiveness to changing conditions.
  • Work will be organized in cross-functional teams.
  • Skill development, cross-functional cooperation, and work group collaboration.
  • Deeper values of commitment, teamwork, performance, and accomplishment.
  • Rewards and recognition, experienced product and process development engineer professionals.
  • Redefine the overall organizational strategy and aligning this with the changed landscape and re-invented business models.
  • Improve an organization's image as it well establishes and effectively applies.
  • Increase competitive business and reduce production costs. These are two significant notions in an organization. Repositions induce an organization to develop competitiveness while diminishing costs to a bare minimum.
  • Change aid workers or further employees to put on experience as a result of new training for new challenges, thus additional responsibilities and sense of accountability.
  • Enhances strategic planning in terms of management failure.
  • Good decision-making is another gain of the organization change.
  • The increase of productivity, supply and constructive feedback.
  • Additional employee satisfaction with enhanced work quality.

If Mr. Asaad is ever to face adverse impacts, although as I said before it is less likely to happen, he has to look for ways to make change more expected and controllable. This can be completed via enhanced project management and team development methods. Additionally, offering project team members with the training and know-how they require to fiddle with  changes, and appropriately cope with continuous change is critical to the ongoing health of the organization, will be of assistance to condensing the influence of organizational change.

            Briefly, Whether Midway Car Center or any other big or small organization eying a change on any level, it must effectively and efficiently integrate the proper Information Technology with its business processes. Companies must not be resistant of transformation, because eventually, this is a world of constant development and change, and a prying business ought to always follow the preeminent standards of operation and success. Change is inevitable and in most cases beneficial for any company if it really has the apt determination, expertise and will to venture into a broader and more flourishing and booming era.

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