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It is very significant that the swift changes be made to the workstations of the cashiers at the supermarkets to enable them work in a less stressful environment. Due to the fact that the cashiers work in an environment where they continuously have to change their postures there is a need for modification of their workstations. This can be made in a way so as to make the cashier be adjustable in all the directions. It should be noted that the cashiers should have the freedom to adopt different working postures. Care should be taken to ensure that the postures which the cashiers can adapt to are not harmful to the cashiers. It is recommended that a cashier workstation should be designed in a manner that it can accommodate both the standing and the sitting positions. It has been argued that sitting and standing positions subjects all the muscle of the body to exercising and as such does help the cashier to reduce stress concentrations on particular parts of the body. It should be noted that alternating positions are reported to offer protection to the lower back. It also argued that since the supermarket cashiers make a lot of movements it should recommended for their workstations to be designed with lot compliance to the OSHA standards.

The report on survey carried out on Morton William supermarket revealed that cashiers are not adequately cared for as per the standards of OSHA with regard to their workstations. This is likely to lead to the development of back pains and straining of other muscles of the body. Various studies reviewed above have shown that poorly designed cashier workstations are likely to lead to development of complexions such as CTDs. The survey mainly examined various distances from the cashier within which he/she works. The distance to the scanner was examined as well as the one to the intake belt. Other distances which were examined include distance to the keyboard and to the bagging area.

The report recommends that there should be a swift change in the design of the workstations which are used by the cashiers. The workstations should be constructed in such a manner that the stress upon the body is spread out to the whole body instead of being concentrated on particular parts of the body. This report is significant because it raises the issue of OSHA standards not being adhered to. The report also acts a reminder that there needs to be strong rules concerning the welfare of workers. If this is taken care of, the amount lost to due to payment for injuries is likely to be reduced. 

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