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The apple company was started in the year 1976 as a computer manufacturing company. The company has adopted a progressive trend in the introduction of communication gadgets with the apple 1 computer being the first item to be released by the company. Other items released by the company include; floppy disks and a number of software programs. Recently the apple company has moved to the production of ipod and also iphone. These products from the company have gained enormous popularity and put the company in the lime light. The company however suffered an embarrassment when through a security breach in which the ipad owner’s personal information was exposed through hacking by goatse security firm and shared the information with the Gawker media company. This incident impacted greatly on the rating of the company among the public in regard to the security of their information especially considering that some o f the information was from influential personalities from the government and security officials. This paper contains answers from some of the questions asked about the hacking incident. The questions answered include whether internet hacking is justified and the role of the gawker media in the hacking incident.

Whether hacking is justifiable      

            The question on whether hacking is justifiable attracts various responses. In literal approach hacking is not justified as it causes more harm than good to the affected parties but in a more critical approach hacking is important to security agents in accessing important information that may lead to arrest of criminals or even avert an impeding security threat.  Hacking as a term can be defined in various definitions. Some of the widely used references of hacking define the act as the unauthorized access to information from a computer. Hacking is also defined as the intention to access non public information in a computer without authority with an intention to defraud or cause harm to the involved parties. In the case of the apple company important personal in formation from the iPad’s users was illegally obtained and shared to the media by hackers from Goatse Security firm. The information accessed touched on some important persons in the public including the white house chief of staff.

            The apples security breach through hacking represents the unjustifiable forms of

 Hacking as it greatly jeopardizes the confidentiality of information especially putting into consideration that the hackers had no legal authority to carry out the exercise. This kind of hacking has a number of negative impacts to the affected parties which are greatly associated with the role one plays in profession responsibilities such as government responsibilities. Hacking of information has a great impact personnel dealing in vital aspects of the society such as external country defense involving the military, the states internal security involving the state police service, members of the executive arms of the government who might be holding crucial information of the state accounts and even the medical practitioners who holds vital information concerning   the health of individuals as well as the society.

            The fact that the hackers were able to obtain information concerning the chief of staff of the white house is proof that hacking is a threat to states security and actually unjustifiable in this regard. Through such information exposure, country defense ability is compromised to a large as vital information regarding the security structure and organization ends up in the hands of it rivals and therefore could be used to mount a great attack to the nation. The information in the chief of staff ipad account could for instance comprise vital in formation on the United States military activities and therefore pose a great security threat especially from terrorists. Another important aspect to consider in determining whether hacking is justifiable is in regard to the internal security of a nation. The police service usually uses very confidential information to unravel criminal activities and which they usually share amongst themselves. In a scenario where such information gets to the hands of criminals the security of the police service personnel is usually put at great risk as the same information could be used by the criminals to plan and execute a counter attack on the security officers. Such a situation could have very detrimental impacts to the society’s security. Medical officers such as doctors and public health officers usually hold very confidential information in regard to personal health aspects as well as that of an entire community. Exposure of such information through hacking could cause panic among the members of society especially in cases such as those of disease out breaks (Craig & Honick, 2005). In simple terms hacking of information is unjustifiable unless the process legalized and conducted by authorized agents such as the security personals investigating criminal activities of some suspected individual or groups.

            In contrary dimension information hacking is justified to an extent whereby security agents raids the personal information accounts of suspects associated with criminal activities. The hacking process in this regard does not require legalization as it acts like an ambush to the criminals’ activity and therefore they are not supposed to be aware of such an intention. Through such operations vital information concerning the activities of criminals are exposed and therefore effectively hinders criminal activities by interfering with the communication of criminals. The hacking of such information by the security agents also gives the past records of criminal gangs and their future planning’s. Such information assists the police in executing security operations leading to improved security levels in the community. Another important and justified hacking process is where the exercise is used to unravel corruption dealing in government agencies usually hidden interms of information in the victims’ communication gadgets. Authorized investigators hack into this accounts and derive crucial information that are beneficial in identifying hidden bank accounts and forged documents. In actual sense hacking justification is a reserve of the security agencies and only restricted to authorization on investigative basis otherwise the process is unjustifiable in any other aspect as it usually undermines the constitutional rights of the affected parties.

 Social Responsibility of Gawker Media

            Being a media company the gawker media bears the responsibility of thoroughly putting into scrutiny the impact of the news that the company airs. By the action of Goatse Security firm opting to share the exposed information from the apples iPad’s accounts the social responsibility of the media company was being put into test. The media company had the responsibility to check on the authenticity of the information, their legal implications, and their implications to the iPad’s rights of confidentiality as well as the overall implications of the information being realized to the states security especially when the information touched on information regarding influential figures involved in the running of the government. The gawker media should have taken as its initiative and responsibility the role of safeguarding the personal information at its disposal in order to safeguard constitution rights of the victims and therefore treat them as innocent instead of exposing their personal information in laxity. It should also have been the company social responsibility to take the goatse firm as the culprit and expose its ill behavior to the security agency. Through this, the ipad owners would have learnt of their misfortunes from an advance source other than learning it from the media which was uncomfortable and disturbing.       

  Other cases of company hacking

Hacking has been a prominent feature in the running of companies greatly affecting the operations of such organizations. Various incidents have been presented as having fallen culprit to the vice of hacking. One such company is the shionagi company where its former employee Jason Cornish was involved in the company hacking. During the incident, Jason made a secret installation of vsphere software into the company’s computer software (Interactive, 2011). The password was from   his friend B.N. The password had been obtained illegally after his friend refused to give it back to the company after they had been laid off. Using the password, Jason used his laptop to access to the control fifteen of Shionagi’ company virtual hosts which was equivalent to 88 of its computer servers through this he managed to bring down the company’s email  and black berry servers as well as the software for financial management  and the software  for tracking order system. This prevented the company from making cutting check, using the email and shipping its products.     

Email script from AT&T about the hacking security breach

            Dear client,AT&T Company expresses its regrets following the exposure of your personal information through a criminal error caused by a hacking incident into the company software. The incident is being taken as crime and is currently under investigation by the FBI.At&t Company will continue to provide to update the clients on the progress made into the investigation. The company has however taken the necessary measures to ensure your information remains confidential. The measures taken include temporary blocking of the iPad’s accounts as well as providing your account with new email address and identities. Kindly bear with us as issue the issue is being resolved. Thank you for your continued support. 

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