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The business name is Globalsnyc Communications. This is a fully fledged internet café complete with state of the art computers and high speed fiber optic connections. The organization plans to come up with a wireless internet service for people living within a 55 mile radius of the business. The project has been named “project Spread” and is in its initial stages.

            The legal implications on the business are the case of cybercrime. The organization has to deal with new legislation to fight and implement measures to fight the vice. The firm is situated in an active part of the city and will thus operate to the late hours. It thus has to observe the laws on employee compensation and conditions in the extra working hours. Internet service provisions to household also require that they protect the clients from malicious cyber activities such as setting up firewalls.    

            The social environment is characterized by the growing attitude towards cyber services. There is a belief among the young generation that cyber cafes are best for surfing the internet as compared to home connections. Globalsnyc capitalizes on this notion to provide fast and reliable internet.

            The economic environment is characterized by how the whole economy affects Globalsnyc in terms of current exchange rates, government spending, taxation, interest rates, general demand and European and global financial aspects (Eslami, 2007). The organization faces a task of adjusting to regular changes in the exchange rates which affect data provision by their overseas server in Japan. Due to increased economies of scale as a resort of fiber speeds, taxation has increased by 2%. However, this has not affected the profit margin.

The project is sponsored by the board and duties have been delegated to the employees appropriately. As such, the managing director is the project manager with the head if ICT being the implementer and planner. He is responsible for both hardware and software development. The board will fund his requirements as well as the whole project.

The ICT director has set up a 16 month period; there are particular phases for each month. It is assumed that the project will flow without internal or external distractions.

The time frame has easily been arrived as the project has two critical paths; WP1 and WP2 as shown in the pert chart.

In case of any eventuality, the board has set up a contingency plan that will see the company thrive through the hardships with minimal losses. Stake holders have been informed of the risks in the implementation stage and have agreed to take these risks.

The implementation plan contingencies have been discussed and appropriate measures taken. It was the manager’s responsibility to brainstorm and draw up a plan for the expected initial low profits.

The board, together with the ICT director has drawn up a 4 phase implementation plan. It divides the 16 month period into 4 equal parts with the board meeting to measure progress at after each phase.

To effectively achieve the organization’s goal of efficient and smart staff, the board has contracted Links Hiring agency to hire appropriate staff for the entire project. They are to also give an analysis of staff requirements, for example, software, hard ware and installation tools.

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