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In today’s business, there are very many ethical issues but regrettably, there can never be a precise decision measurement for all of them. This is because “there is often a high degree of uncertainty concerning the distant future, but as a matter of fact it is not always so gross”. In addition, ethical issues especially for international businesses are complex and delicate besides being too many. Despite this, tomorrow’s business leaders must be agile and be in a position to integrate facets of good decision-making in the progressively more global and difficult business environment.

            Many of the ethics issues are wide spread in the business industry whereas others are specific to a company. Some of the wide ethical issues are bribing to get bids and tenders, violating workers rights, compromising quality, safety, among others, and gender discrimination. The company specific ethical matters should be dealt with more firmly to serve as a model. This includes showing integrity and honesty to consumers by honoring guarantees and warranty and taking responsibility for problems like spills.

            Today, many companies are looking for new ways to practice ethics. Examples are Nestlé’s 2006 Water Management Report and Caterpillar Inc, Deere & Company campaigning for reduction of green house emissions publicly. The business community must support both the private and public sector to give people skills by recruiting, developing and empowering an efficient workforce. Therefore, the business community should not only build up powerful ethics programs to show the significance of incorporating ethics but also make an inspirational dream of the future.

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