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Holden defines a business name as a designation under which a partnership or a sole-proprietorship conducts its business. A business name identifies and distinguishes a company’s business from other companies’ businesses in the same field. Choosing or searching for the most appealing business name is classified among the biggest challenges when starting a business. In most cases, it takes a long period of time and thorough thinking to choose the most appropriate business name. It has been found that the success of most businesses is directly linked to the business name of the company (Holden, 2010). Individuals are faced with a number of issues while choosing their business names. The chosen names may have the following characteristics: confusing spelling, similar to the names used by competitors, lacking the information regarding what the business does, and having unusual length.

      Business names with confusing spellings cannot be traced easily by clients. For instance, which is a social networking site used for high school sports, can lead many fans of high school sports to which is a business name for a fish supplies site. Businesses with confusing names are likely to lose clients and even annoy people because they are led to wrong sites. If a company is using a business name that is similar to the names used by competitors, it can end up losing clients to the competitors. A business name that lacks the information regarding the company’s business cannot make it easier for potential customers to find the business online. It becomes hard to remember business names with unusual length. Clients can therefore ignore a business name simply because it is long. Therefore, a made-up name can be the best approach because the owners of a business can decide on the characteristics they want their business name to possess.   

      According to Norman, the most appealing business name must be characterized by the following characteristics: a name that is memorable and easy to spell, it should include information regarding what the business does, the name has to be reasonably short, has to possess positive connotation, and not similar to the names used by competitors. A good example of an appropriate business name is This name is short and therefore easy to remember. The spellings of cannot confuse any client. bears the information of the business that the company does as educating children. It is therefore very important to choose the most appropriate business name for the business to be successful in its field.


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