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Business innovation today means extending beyond the organization. Organizations increasingly use technologies such as information technology to power innovation efforts while facing regulation efforts and escalating issues in organizational information also structure. Without favorable security policies, business innovations would be compromised or even the organization put or exposed to risks both internally and externally. In the event of exploration of new markets, building new marketing channels, delivering of new products or commodities, the security team or department is often put on the tail end of the processes.

Basing on the various and increasing security threats facing the organization's day to day, security or security systems should be placed as a top priority in any business structure and organization. Lack of viable security systems both internally or externally in business may translate deeply into business loss or even loss due to loss of information integrity.

Compromise of information or interception of information of business information is a serious threat to most organizations in operation today. Policies on regards to security to control of these bleaches of information should be created or established and put into action. This enables standard use of protocols to establish security in the organization. Security based on set protocols creates an advantageous edge in organizations and creates an easier approach towards management of organizational security issues, which do not apply only externally but also internally in an organization.

Overall business action plan for the security department

Overall business action plan for the department is the making of a safe, working environment for business employees, customers and even prospective business partners. Safe is a compound term used to integrate termination of various atrocities that may face the business. Cases such as robberies, frauds, violence are a common occurrence in many organizational structures and can be curbed through innovation of the right security measures.
The security plans to achieve the above by first putting establishment of various policies. Policies include;

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Building of repetitive processes; by making security built into existing systems. Security processes consistent across do this so that employees learn how it works keeping in mind that is to get security built into initiatives.
Building close relationships with existing civil security organization structures such as the police administering security in the area where the organization lies. This proximity with the civil security structures enables the creation of better and reliable security features. Also, integration or involvement of the civil security organizations enables faster response to external intrusion issues such as thefts or robberies.

Building relationship for stronger influence, building allies all over the executive ranks by finding projects for the department can generate interest for a specific executive, for example, the head of human resource. Security can help manage a global workforce by an increase of efficiencies in on boarding and off boarding also complying with worldwide security regulations. However, executive leadership of the business is only but a part of the organizational ranks. Relationship building should be done at all levels of the business to convince them that they can contribute to the embitterment of the business.

Overall business action for employee recruiting

A successful organization requires a viable work force. Only way of achieving this is by employing qualified personnel to an organization. This is done by putting up necessary employee employment and deployment techniques into place. Role of a security department into any of the above processes is by ensuring that the recruitment processes are done in a fair and free manner, and only the most qualified applicants for a job vacancy are picked.

It should ensure that no kinds of favors are applied and that person deemed qualified for a certain position is indeed qualified to take that position. This is achieved by working in proximity with the human resource department of business. It should ensure that no bribes or violations like that degrading the process of employee recruiting are achieved and, in that case, offer stern warnings to those found committing such are apprehended and appropriate action taken towards them.

Recruiting of security personnel or people to work under the jurisdiction of the security department should be done carefully since organizational security forms one of the most vital sectors of an organization. It should be done on merit of experience or exposure to the field.

Upon achievement of favorable employee recruiting techniques, the organization will be able to get the best in terms of human resource and will, therefore, be in a position to achieve its goals easily and amicably. Since favorable employees means success to a business monetarily and competition-wise, an exemplary employee base is,therefore, vital to achievement of any organizations goals.

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Overall business action plan for training

Upon completion of a free and fair recruitment process comes a training session to enable the qualified applicants to familiarize with the requirements of the business or organization. Training of the recruited enables they familiarize with the needs of the organization also to the security policies of the organization which should be made part and puzzle of the training process.

Training of the selected security personnel should be vigorous. It should enable their exposure to various threats apprehending the organization and the various ways available to curb their effects onto the business. It should also encapsulate the various methods available to deal with situations. It should enable the individual to be able to face any security situation that arises, be it be violent or situations such as the compromise of organizational information.

It should also encapsulate their relation with other employees in their organization. It should also encapsulate trust issues relating to their interaction with other employees in the organization since an atrocity can also be internal.

Overall business plan for development

Development is key to success of any business. A stagnating business is as good as dead since no progress is seen in terms of growth of the business. In the security department, it is noteworthy that risks increase with the growth or development of a business. It is, therefore, necessary to work closely with various departments to identify the loopholes left open for the bleaching of information. Development of the security department is reliant of the growth of the business which the security department is deemed to protect. Setting up of a scheme to help curb or help identify threats that the business is most susceptible to is one of the most effective ways to develop the department as the business rise to maturity.

The development of the business may also imply the use of technology to maintain or secure the organization. Technology-dependent techniques such as the use of surveillance may also be crucial in the development of the department. Also, employee training on the use of various inputs available for security monitoring may be crucial in securing the organizational premise.

Overall business action for managerial behaviors

Management is among one of the most vital processes determining the growth of the business. Bad management practices translate to poor decision making also translating to business failure or loss. It is vital for the security department to be involved in managerial activities of the business which should be clear to all and sundry involved in the running of the business.

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Mismanagement practices vary in structure and complexity and it is therefore crucial for security to be able to identify each event of mismanagement and try and prevent it before the effects of practice are experienced.
This can be actively achieved by involvement in decision-making processes. Also making all the processes in the business clear and precise may serve as a perfect way to prevent such from occurring.  Mis-management in the security departments is also a common occurrence and its results are also detrimental to the business. It can also be prevented by making processes in the department clear and concise. Consulting with other managers or authority may also help curb such.

Overall business action for integration with other departments

An organization is made up of various departments working together to achieve a certain set goal. Integration of the departments is key to what is described as success of the business as a whole. The security department is a vital component making up these departments as it is the department that maintains that everything concerned with the organization and departments is safe and secure.

Its integration with these other departments is key to maintaining them as safe. Working close to these departments helps to identify the various dangers that face the organization. The department should therefore work in proximity with the various departments to enable it achieve its goal of maintaining a safe and peaceful environment with minimal threats. It must also work hand in hand with departments like the human resource departments to enable it achieve credibility in processes such as personnel selection which is a particularly vital process to the success of the business.

Overall business action plan for a budget finance that includes a zero based budget

The budget finance is one that embraces the financial decisions of a firm. It is a plan showing the effects of planned operations and capital investments in assets, liabilities and equities. Zero-based budgeting is where every department role is reviewed comprehensively and all costs must be approved rather than only increases.
The security department as a department should certainly be actively involved in the financial issues of the organization. It should be on the look out for fraud and as a department; it needs financing on its part for it to run. Running on a zero based budget is advantageous in the sense of that it identifies and eliminates wasteful operations. These operations are uncalled for and therefore are a total waste of resource. It requires apt decision-making and is therefore the best way to finance.

It’s noteworthy that it costs far much less to incorporate security to day to day activities of the business than it costs to introduce It at the end due to a bleach or something like that. During any type of inn ovation activity, security concerns will definitely come up. When security gets called in late, it means delays and at the end, significant costs.

This would mean loss of finance to remedy a problem that could have been avoided which also means loss to running capital. Remedying the problem may also hold up staff for weeks or even at times months to help improve on the situation. By the final stages of a project, flexibility may be lost and certain options for security that were earlier on available will no longer be available  and, remaining options would be most certainly, expensive. Delays always translate to other costs like revision of market campaigns or launching of new plans. Soft costs are the loss of goodwill and motivation by staff of the business which may initially lead to the failure of the project or, poor results. This also leads to a risk on the competitive edge of the business with other business dealing with same type of innovation. Reality of the whole is, any other business that had no delays will definitely get ahead of you. To avoid all this, its important to incorporate security in every business activity encountered. This will increase reliability and also save on finances.

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