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Business managers can use the process of marketing to achieve their objectives of improving access to their customers, increase their customer’s satisfaction and also to gain financial self sufficiency. This essay is going to highlight the five ethical problems in marketing with an in-depth consideration of three of them.

The five ethical problems that are associated with marketing and which ought to be given attention are as follows: the marketing chain mechanism which involves the individuals in the chain and those ethically responsible for marketing the products; the commercial reason as to why  the marketing of the product is taking place depending on whether the product is a service or a want; the market target of the marketing action; the considerations of the marketing exercise and the representational manner of the marketing exercise.

What is the commercial purpose of marketing?

Marketing entails the interactive processes that need developing, pricing, placing, and the promotion of goods, ideas, or services to enable the facilitation of exchanges between sellers and customers to satisfy the consumer needs and wants. Therefore the main purpose of a marketing process is to satisfy the needs and wants of customers. Is a product a need or a want? The basic items that are required by humans for their survival are their needs. These forms an important concept underlying the process of marketing in that they translate into the consumer wants. A need comes about whenever a client feels that some of his or her basic necessities are not being fulfilled. A variety of options for satisfying these needs may exist for one to pick from. The option that one eventually prefers is called a want. Wants are therefore the desired specific satisfiers of needs. A product can be used to satisfy one’s need and therefore can be taken to be a want in this context. People buy products that will best satisfy their needs and provide the most fulfillments that comes out of the exchange process. In marketing the first step is the provision of a product and this can be in form of ideas, goods and services. All products are made to satisfy those needs and wants of individual buyers.

To whom is the thing being marketed?

A good business does not just dish out its products to the entire market but identifies a range of customers to whom the product can effectively be marketed to. For instance, if a product meets the fashion tastes of the young generation, then its target market will be based on people with ages ranging from 14-25 years. If a product is made exclusively for men, for example shaving cream, then its target market will be based on gender. This can also be based on occupation, geographical location and income of consumer. Thus basing on the type of product being marketed, a target market can be identified and used to market it.

In what representational manner (how) is it marketed?

People will not buy a product they have never heard about. A business should therefore carry out promotion of its products in order to influence the buying behavior and attitudes of its customers. This is aimed at telling the customers that the business is offering them the right product at the right price and place. This can be done through advertising either in the newspaper, radio or television. This will depend on the business resources such as time, labor and capital. It also depends on the target market and the objectives for selling. For example if the product targets the younger generation, then one will choose to advertise it on the radio station or TV station that plays music for that group.

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