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Sounds are very important in the theatre industry and therefore demand that there is a sound expert and designer to assist the playwright. One of the reasons that the sound has been important in these field is the fact that there are so many cases that need to be communicated to the audience but they are either to dangerous, expensive or even explicit so that they cannot be projected on stage, and they are therefore assumed to be taking place behind the scenes. In order to achieve this, the sounds that are made from the scene are made and timed with the sequences of the play so that there is consistency and unison.

There are several things that a sound designer in a theatrical production must have in order to be in a good position to design appropriate sounds for a play. One of the most important is the script for the play in order to design which scenes will need more sound emphasis than others.  Depending on the sounds that a play has or revolves around, one cannot exactly say what is needed, since complex plays will require complex techniques and equipment, while simple plays may require simple equipments, such as a drum. However, the importance of the audio in the play must also be taken into consideration. One important need for audio in a play is its ability to affect the hormone cycle of the body and thus the mood of the people, the audience.

Peter Pan is a story of a boy who refused to grow up and whose friends were mermaids, crocodiles and red Indians. In order to bring out the effects of the sea and boats, to indicate the entry of his enemy, captain cook, the sound designer has used ripples and splashes. There are so many other sounds that are used by the sound director to make the show lively and make it seem natural which includes hiccups, and the sound of the lost boys and peter pan walking in the mud. Apparently, there is also the use of fog on stage, and even though fog does not have any effects that could produce sounds, the sound designer has used different sounds to enhance the thickness of the fog so that the position of Peter Pan and the lost boys can be identified from the sounds, since they are all covered by the fog. For instance, a ripple or a splash would tell the viewer that the boys are on the beach.

To attain success in a play like Peter Pan, a sound designer and manager in the play needs to have speakers, whose positioning is also quite important, and other electrical gadgets necessary for transmitting the sound, all which form the system layout. Other requirements of a sound engineer is the plot of the play and the cue sheet, a version of the play plot but basically offers only the directions of sounds. Armed with this and a mixer, a sound technician is in a position to assist the directors in propagation of sounds, which just like the words that are said by the characters on the screen are quite important for the play.

Without the sounds, there is no way that the director or the characters may control the crowd or even alert the audience on the impending scenes. Sound is therefore quite necessary since it keeps the audience on toes for any activity that follows in a play and keeps the audience captivated.

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