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Art is the ability to use one’s talent works that evoke emotion and feeling in others. This works include sculptures, paintings, music or self mutilation in extreme cases. Paintings vary from portraits, abstracts and depictions. Most artists are viewed as awkward and may even be social recluses.

Burton Scott sculpted different works from granite. These sculptures resembled seats and though some may consider it art, to another it will be ugly seats. The more conventional smoothed ones are beautiful and can even be used in bland rooms to add pizzazz. However for the more rugged ‘artistic’ ones require someone with deep understanding and appreciation of art to purchase or even display in their home or establishment. It is difficult to tell exactly how much time is spent on any of the sculptures. Some look exactly like rocks with a flat surface on which one can sit. It is difficult to tell if he was appreciating nature, or just felt lazy to complete some of the sculptures.  It is difficult to tell if some of the sculptures have been painted or even covered with a layer of varnish. Is it the artists’ intention for the works to appear incomplete?

The three women is a church depiction of three ladies involved in different forms of veneration. Two are reading the bible, while the third one is praying. An untrained eye will miss several important details such as the difference in attire and age. It raises questions such as: why the women are so engrossed in the prayer? Are they related? Are their prayers dedicated to the same purpose? To fully understand the painting, one would have to know the emotion the painter was experiencing, whether he painted it from imagination or from a scene he had witnessed. The painting is very detailed and draws even a person who does not fully understand art. The simplicity of the images is the fact that they depict real people as opposed to abstract paintings which more than usually have no definite images. The artist captured perfectly the veneration scene in places of worship.

Critics may not understand the exact emotion of the artist. It is also difficult to get the exact same reaction from an audience and even the reaction achieved may not be the one desired by the artist. Art is therefore more of an emotionally based emotion as opposed to an informed opinion.

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