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The three works of art that were done during the baroque era include the following; the first one is “The calling of St. Matthew”. This work of art was done by an artist known as Michelangelo Merisi Da. This was the period between 1599 and 1602. The second work of art that I have chosen is that by Rembrandt van Rijn. This is known as Resurrection of Christ and was done during the period between 1635 and 1639. The third work of art is called Landscape with Flight into Egypt. This is a famous painting that was done in 1603 by an artist known as Annibale Carracci

Notably the three works of art chosen address the same theme of Christianity. During this era, Baroque Culture was able to change Czech for many decades as it was of great influence. This led to outlawing of other denominations that was dominant during this era (Sylvie, 1988). Moreover, due to the impact on the people, they imitated the baroque style in building most of their structures that had been destroyed. This was due to the strong unity that was had been developed when it pertained to spiritual matters.

Michelangelo Merisi Da being an Italian painter was able to come up with desirable works of art that mainly portrayed the saints among the major biblical figures. This gave them a new meaning and understanding (Bernard, 1990). In addition, the painting made these spiritual figures as ordinary making people to develop close relationship with them. This led to the enhancement of Christianity during that particular era. The main denomination that was addressed in various baroque paintings includes the catholic figures such as those of Jesus, Mary among other related biblical figures.

Therefore, baroque was mainly linked with various religious issues especially the western Christianity (Bernard, 1990).. During this era, there was a wide division between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism. Therefore, each denomination was fighting for dominion in the west. For instance, the Catholic Church incorporated arts of art that were magnificently made to make different displays and hence increase the extent of their campaign. Surprisingly, this works of art worked as they had planned (Bernard, 1990). It was able to increase the number of audience. It was seen as doctrinal in nature, visually appealing as well as attracted to the emotional feelings. These forms of baroque works of art were at the time represented by Bermini and Rubens. Therefore, Baroque was used as a technique for revolution. It was dramatic and hence gave a selecti8ve form of illumination to the reality of the doctrine.

However, with the rapid advancement in scientific inventions, development as well as explorations, these works of art lost touch. With the development of press, people show it necessary to create awareness to the audience using different methods. This led to the change of view of the entire world. Moreover, literature was developed and people began to consider reading and other sources of information more plenteous and informing. This was known as the age of enlightenment. Although works of art remained relevant, it was no longer used to attract audience to the church. On the same, the intense fight between Protestants and Catholics had ended as people had developed a changed perspective of the world.

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