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The artistic work under discussion is by Kathe Kollwitz which was done in 1897. This artistic work has a lot of influence to humanity in various aspects (Anthony   165). This artistic work is called storming the gate where we can see various people trying to access the gate. The design in which the gate has been build shows that there are some sought of religious aspects in it. Religion is a very important factor in human life. Religion acts as a moral teaching to human beings therefore this artistic work focuses on the creative process which is set in place so that the word of God can be praised. The aspect of religion in this artwork shows religion is a body of divine teaching which are shown by God (William   203).

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In this art there are people who are struggling to make an entry to pass through a gate but the gate seems to be closed. Bearing in mind that this artwork was done by a woman, women had less representation in their cultural backgrounds as compared to their fellow men (Henry   98). In this artistic work, the men are seen as being forceful in their attempt to get through the gate furthermore a woman can be seen begging so that she can pass through the gate. Men are allowed to make their entry first while the women follow. This shows a culture which has unequal representation of men and women (April 204). The women are involved in carrying heavy burdens while their male counterparts walk freely.

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This artistic work shows that there is a society which does not appreciate women and to the artists who are coming up they should value women and treat them as equal with men.  The artistic drawing has also created awareness to the society in that there should be equality in all sex and that the shores at home should be shared. The interest of the artist was mainly on the sufferings, happiness and their curiosity (Richard   75). The artist looked forth for human intensity, whereby the physical reflection of labors and their efforts were looked into. In general the artistic work looks more on the life of ordinary people.

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The movement in this artistic work is very cool and peaceful although the people are struggling to pass through a gate, which is a clear indication that these people are being oppressed. There is some sought of complexity in the image whereby the shapes of the gate are brought out clearly showing that they belong in a certain religion. The picture portrays an ordinary people who are in the society but they are oppressed by the people who are powerful. The real world has been presented in this artistic work and the picture that is in the society is shown in this artistic work (William 123).

The struggle that these people are undergoing shows that they are trying to resist some power which is oppressing them. The condition in which the human beings are surviving is not since they can be seen as weak from the paintings. There is evolution of the artist’s vision through the techniques that are used in this work. Such an early image that are said to be etchings gives room for the tiny details of realism and the life of an ordinary man together with the society in which one interacts with.

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