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When describing art one either terms it as representational, abstract or non representational. The first term refers to art that is in a recognizable form that means that it has reference to a form of reality or something tangible in the world. The more that it does not represent reality the more abstract it becomes. At the same time when a piece of art is not representational as it does not show the side of the natural world or objectivity then it becomes non representational. Paintings such as ‘the rocky mountains’ by Albert Bierstadt’s fit into the representational side showing a side of American life while ‘Haboku Landscape for Soen’  by Sesshu, Toyo’s is an example of abstract.

The ‘Supremacist Painting’ by Kasimir Malevich’s would fit into the category of non representational. Preference would fall on to the representational art forms more than any other because I am able to identify with the pieces in a better way.

Chapter 1: What is art?

 The first chapter gives an idea that there are two perspectives in the art world which are that of the artist and that of the audience. When viewing a work of art it may not be clear at first what the artist is trying to communicate. The first chapter may help in seeing the physical and psychological process that the artist goes through. The reason for creating the art form, which was representative, was that it was a way to express my self in another way other than language, though; I did not know it at the time. There is also the aspect that art work perception can be enhanced through the physical action of seeing. This can bring a personal aspect of history through remembrance of a certain memory that we had in the past. Different people would, thus, react differently because of different memories. These memories could be good or be such that one perspective could bring a bad memory arousing a bad emotion while another perspective might do quite the opposite.

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