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Paris is a city that loves art, and impressive collection of artworks is found in museums and galleries of the city. The best examples of these arts are found in the Metro (subway) stations which are all over Paris.

An observer is able to notice that most of the Paris Metro stations look alike. The city of Paris is known for its unique artwork known as the art nouveau, which is mainly in their Metro entrances. The beauty of the stations is not only on the outside, but also in the inside, whereby one has to pay for a ticket to go the underground (Steele 2002).

Paris is the only city that has the Metro (subway) well thought out artwork. The entrance towards Blanche metro station is the main example of the Art nouveau style started in the late 1800’s, which was designed by Guimard Hector. The entrance to Paris Metro station, Guimard designed the entrance in two types, one with glass roofs and the other without the glass roofs. They also built using cast irons, which symbolized plants. In 1900, and 1912, 141 entrances were constructed and 86 are still present to date.

The variety that is roofed is called the edicules, which is awning fan-shaped glass enclosed with an opaque paneling adorned using floral motifs. Most of these were built at Bastille and Etoile but were destroyed in the 1960’s. Presently, two edicules survive Abbesses and Porte Dauphine and a replica was constructed at Chatelet in the year 2000.

The simple type of entrance is written “Metropolitan” that is supported by two ornate lampposts. These entrances are designed noticeably in the appearance of plant stem whereby the leaf that resembles the sprig of lily of the valley encloses the orange lamp.

Another famous art in Paris was the Eiffel Tower that was designed by Gustave Eiffel. It was 1050 foot high an attracted many tourists all over. However, citizens later campaigned for it to be demolished since it was ugly.  This tower later formed the basis of the present Paris Metro stations with the art nouveau style after its destruction.              

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