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Civilization is a situation that is related to the urbanization of a given place this is where the lives of the people living in the barbarian era transforming a modern context; thus resulting to being a more civilized group of people, art is considered to play an important part in determining the ways the individuals in as given place transformed into civilization. The Chinese and the Japanese are considered to be the most affected groups in the civilization of their respective countries.

This is a piece of art that basically shows the cultural heritage of the Japanese people, the Japanese used art as a form of showing their civilization of Japan. The stature symbolizes the cultural practices of the Japanese people this is because it was seen as symbolism of religion in the country; the Jomon Statue is a statue that symbolizes the culture and philosophy of the Japanese people Ancient Japan.

The Jomon Statue was a way that determined the customs of the Japanese people this is when it unites the people’s language of the Japan people; the statue also holds the belief of the Japanese people in one Supreme Being that is portrayed by Jomon statue. The culture of the Japan is portrayed by the piece of art that is portrayed by the artists Ancient Japan.          

 Neolithic Circular Jades (3200-2300 B.C.)

The circular jade is one ornament that symbolizes the change in the Chinese civilization; the jade was an ornament that was mainly worn by the priests and military men that is in the process of worshiping of their deities and their ancestors.

The ornament was used in the organization to show an individuals position in the society as it showed the authority and power that an individuals in a society. The jades also symbolized the belief and practices of the Chinese people as they associated the Jades with the device that provides that with a platform of communicating; it also helped in the in civilization as it was made of glass and agate.

Ancient Chinese believed that their ancestors originated with God and communicated through supernatural beings and symbols, whose images were placed on jade ornaments. Ancient shaman most likely used jade ornaments with divine markings to command mystical forces and communicate with gods and ancestors. Jade was also used in ancient burial ceremonies.

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