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Parts of the plan of Chartres cathedral you might traverse in order to get to the apse while entering through the central portal include the following: transepts, the flying buttresses, huge pillars, naves, gargoyles as well as stain glass window. The most conspicuous features in the interior part are clustered columns rising dramatically from their based plains to the top of the building. There are also highly pointed arches. This arches acts as the ceiling. Moreover, there are clerestory windows that are placed in the apse that are massively made. There is a vast sanctuary that is highly vaulted as well as divided. In addition, you also likely to see choir screen that is curved and magnificently placed. On the same, there are different types of sculptures that symbolize or depict Jesus and Virgin Mary. There are a number of chancel screen that are placed on the southern side. This includes an astrological clock.

The architectural structure hence depicts the magnificent of the building. The nave which is a major part of the plan of the interior of the building is situated on either side of the aisle. Clerestory windows are more vivid as you enter as they are responsible for lighting the central space. However, both nave and aisles have the same height. Transept is a transverse long arm that makes the body of the building. At the front, there is a chapel that is dedicated to Virgin Mary that has square ends. Moreover, as you move to the apse past the transept, the most important structure that you are likely to see is the choir that is also called the presbytery. This is usually located at the front of the church upon which everyone can have a view of it more easily. Therefore, the architectural design of the Chartres cathedral church entails the most magnificent and well planned building especially as you enter inside through the central portal. Notably, the spacious building plus its designs makes it one of the most notable designs at that time.Its spacious nave is said to be widest in France in comparison with other churches.

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